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Keep an altering your mind.Like clouds in the sky.Love me as soon as your high.Leave me as soon as you cry.I understand it every takes time.Like a river running dry when the suns to bright.So lengthy this is goodbye.May we fulfill again in an additional life.Like strangers pass by.May we see clearly in a different light.Keep dodging lights.Like a theif in the night.The sunlight will rise and also expose all the lies.So why deny that you and I lead different lives.The rivers from her eye"s can"t readjust my mind.So lengthy this is good-bye.Maybe we"ll meet again in another life.Like strangers passing by.Maybe we"ll see plainly in a different light.Ohh...The rivers from your eye"s can"t adjust my mind.So long this is goodbye.May we meet again in one more life.Like strangers pass by.May we see clearly in a different light.
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