% is a shorthand notation because that "per cent" the has emerged since roman times - it provides for it come follow values (think 100 every cent)

I can"t it seems ~ to find anything around why so numerous currency signs precede the value, though.

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Writing $1.00 instead of 1.00$ was to protect against fraud, it"s more tough to add digits in between the number and also the $.


Different conventions apply to money symbols and other varieties of symbol. stillproud.org has many conflict conventions, in numerous cases due to the fact that the conflicting conventions were each inherited from a various source. The USA money prefix place was probably influenced by that of the British currency prefix which i suspect came from the Romans and also might reflect roman inn conventions or Latin native ordering. The positioning of abbreviation for temperature and also other systems of measure may have come from various other sources.

In short, stillproud.org is exuberantly inconsistent.


In SI, systems follow the number,

5 km (Five kilometers)300 K (three hundreds Kelvin)999 V (999 volts)

Currency is not an SI unit and also so complies with a various ISO conventional 4217.

% (Percent) is french, an interpretation if you had actually 5%, you"re in reality saying "5 per hundred", as cent way hundred in french. Therefore if you"re saying 5 in 100 people are born blind, that"s "5 per hundred civilization are born blind", (5%) where as speak %5 would be "Per hundreds 5 world are blind", i m sorry makes less sense.

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