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1345 avenue of the Americas2nd and 33rd FloorsNew York, NY 10105Sales (212) 878-3626

1345 way of the Americas, a sixth Avenue course A building, is situated in between 54th and 55th Streets. This prime, Midtown office an are boasts a to mark lobby that will leave a lasting impression on her guests and also clients, on-site garage, near proximity come Fortune 500 neighbors, and some that the city’s best hotels and also restaurants. The nearby Fischer Park offers relief and tranquility from the hustle the the Ziegfeld Theater and the bustle of 6th Avenue. The place of the property permits for convenient accessibility to all creates of public transportation.

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A brand brand-new 40,000 square-foot office and meeting facility occupies the entire 33rd floor. That boasts gorgeous views, cutting edge furnished offices and team rooms.

A 40,000 square-foot office and also meeting facility rectal the entire 2nd floor. It features 115 modernly-furnished offices and also team rooms.

Our team rooms are huge furnished offices that can accommodate 5-12 civilization per company.


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The Midtown business center includes these amenities:

Our common office facility includes private workplaces ranging native a choice of 1-10 human being interior and window options. Team rooms can accommodate up to 10 people.Spacious conference Rooms with accessibility to the pantry, lounge area and copy/fax center:The Fischer conference Room is a private meeting room the seats 14 people. That is equipped through high definition flat display television and wired/wireless net access.The Columbus conference Room seats 10 people overlooking the new York Hilton. It is equipped with a high an interpretation flat display television, accessibility to basic cable, and wired/wireless internet access.Remarkable Lounge an are – Clients satisfy guests, record up on the national news and also weather, and also enjoy a fast break indigenous the office or a nice lunch onsite with colleagues.Copy/Fax facility – functions a high quality black/white and color printer, scanner, and also copier. A fax machine is accessible for use.Stocked Kitchen/Pantry – consists of a microwave, refrigerator, and a choice of coffees and teas. A range of snacks and also soft drinks may be purchased.

Virgo’s Midtown location serves the Manhattan areas of sixth Avenue, way of the Americas, Columbus Circle, Midtown West and also Rockefeller Center. Mutual office an are rental and also lease durations begin at one month.

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Call Virgo Midtown this particular day at (212) 878-3626 to schedule a tourism of this unique, common office room and executive, management suites.

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Reception Area
Fischer conference Room
Guest Area
Team Room

Midtown Office an are Floor Plan

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