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Class: Desktop

Socket: AM3+

Clockspeed: 3.5 GHz

Turbo Speed: 4.1 GHz

Cores: 6 (in 3 physics modules)

Typical TDP: 95 W

Other names: AMD FX(tm)-6120 Six-Core Processor

CPU first Seen ~ above Charts:Q2 2012


Overall Rank:1223


3886 solitary Thread Rating: 1427 Cross-Platform Rating: 8869 Samples: 213* *Margin because that error: Low+ Compare

CPU test Suite mean Results because that AMD FX-6120 Six-Core

Integer MathFloating suggest MathFind prime NumbersRandom string SortingData EncryptionData CompressionPhysicsExtended InstructionsSingle Thread
14,244 MOps/Sec
7,039 MOps/Sec
22 Million Primes/Sec
9 thousand Strings/Sec
1,141 MBytes/Sec
63.9 MBytes/Sec
393 Frames/Sec
1,916 Million Matrices/Sec
1,427 MOps/Sec

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Last 5 Baselines for AMD FX-6120 Six-CoreMost recent noted firstBaselineCPU Mark
BL1396762 - Apr 20 2021

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Popular comparisons because that AMD FX-6120 Six-CoreAs that 24th the September 2021 - higher results represent far better performanceProcessorAverage CPU Mark
AMD FX-6120 Six-Core