The video clip sharing app TikTok is mostly filled through Gen Zers doing funny dances and also attempting stunner challenges. Yet there’s a new TikTok star who has caught the understanding of human being of all ages with his exciting adorable cooking videos — and the web wasn"t even approximately when he to be born.

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Often clad in a brightly fancy bucket hat, 81-year-old Steven Austin, far better known on society media together "Old man Steve," has actually quickly end up being a famous sensation thanks to his hilarious and wholesome content.


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He might not it is in a teenager or even a millennial, yet Austin is no stranger to society media. Aside from TikTok, where he right now has end 584,000 followers, he previously provided Vine. He"s on Instagram and he additionally has a YouTube channel, i beg your pardon he began 12 years ago.

The Texas indigenous was born in Dallas however now stays in the ft Worth area in a an elderly living complex near his sister. Before ending up being an internet star, Austin operated for two decades at the box office because that Dallas Summer Musicals.

When asked why he began making videos, he told now that he’s simply constantly enjoyed entertaining others. “I guess: v I"m a ham in ~ heart,” he said.

His videos function a selection of “G-rated content," together he phone call it, consisting of the renowned “Cooking through Steve” posts, whereby he makes dishes choose frozen biscuits with peach preserves, Corn Flakes through a banana and also frozen dinners from Marie Callender"s. Despite simple, many of his most renowned videos have amassed end 200,000 views and altogether he has actually over 5.2 million likes ~ above TikTok.


Despite the surname of his most popular video series, Austin no really consider himself to be a cook.

“I"m not really a cook and I don"t really cook in my tiktok videos. I just do stuff prefer make a sandwich or make part toast,” that said.

Whether he"s in reality preparing food or simply eating in them, many of Austin’s videos have one thing in common: the sweet feeling of feeling he brings to life for his fans.

“I"ve always been a jokester, so i guess it"s just me. Besides, ns hope that makes human being smile or laugh and maybe have a far better day,” that said.


Cooking with Steve ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##oldmansteve ##cooking

♬ original sound - omsteve

“Most of the time, I just get before the camera and also start talking. Some things you have to set the stage, however most are just off the cuff,” Austin said

Austin said he first realized he had actually gone viral once one of his tik videos jumped native 50 see to around 25,000 views overnight.

“I couldn"t believe it,” he said. The octogenarian described the entire an answer as “overwhelming.”

“I can"t believe that i have finally been well-known at age 81, yet here i am and also I"m enjoying the ride,” that said.

While he no have any kids the his own, Austin said that many of his followers think of him as their own father or grandfather and say therefore in the comments. “They want me come be their grandpa, or ns remind lock of your grandpa, or they wish their grandpa was more like me,” that said.


People have also started sending out Austin small amounts of money top top Venmo to present their appreciation.

“My nephew said I have to (set increase a Venmo account). I didn"t recognize it was a thing. I"ve acquired a little amount the money ... Less than $100,” Austin said.

The messages civilization have sent in addition to their gifts demonstrate just just how much they evaluate Austin"s videos.

“You make my heart so warm and also I love your TikTok’s! save being exceptional Grandpa and we appreciate you!!” one human being wrote.

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“Coffee or tea top top me! thanks for share yourself with the internet! Happy Friday,” someone else wrote.

Austin said he’s to be blown far by “how nice people can be and want something come smile about and just some plain basic content to clock on the internet.”