handle data, or ________, deserve to be provided as the structure for decision making.a. Raw data b. Information c. Queries d. DP

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Accurate, relevant, and timely ________ is the crucial to great decision making. A. Handling b. Data c. Information d. Relationship

Data management is a self-control that concentrates on ________. A. The monitoring of end users b. The aid items to be provided by end users c. The suitable generation, storage, and also retrieval of data d. The appropriate generation, storage, and also retrieval of information

What is a advantage of using a DBMS? a. It helps develop an atmosphere for end users to have accessibility to an ext data. B. The provides complete security come data using private/public vital encryption. C. It provides seamless Internet access to database data. D. It creates automatic backups.

The ________ receive all applications requests and translates them into the complicated operations compelled to satisfy requests. A. DBMS b. Workgroup c. DB d. Query

An ad hoc questions is a ________. A. Spur the the minute question b. Question that will certainly not return any type of results c. Pre- scheduled inquiry d. Pre-planned question

What is the name for response to a query that the DBMS sends ago to the application? a. Query result set b. DBMS an outcome c. Data result d. Question an outcome

A single-user database that runs ~ above a an individual computer is referred to as a(n) ________ database. A. Workgroup b. Desktop c. Enterprise d. Distributed

A database that supports data distributed throughout several various sites is referred to as a(n) ________ database. A. Workgroup b. Enterprise c. Desktop computer d. Dispersed

A ________ focuses primarily on storing data provided to generate information compelled to do tactical or strategy decisions. A. Data warehouse b. Workgroup database c. Production database d. Spread database

one more name because that a manufacturing database is a ________ database. A. Breakthrough b. Transaction c. Data mining d. Warehouse

man is working in the client table and needs to understand what client are located in Florida. To discover the details he would ________. A. Produce a new query b. Make use of the Database sorcerer’s c. Create a new table d. Produce a new type

which of the following commodities do not administer an enterprise database? a. MS access b. IBM DB2 c. Ms SQL Server d. Oracle RDBMS

The design of a ________ database recognizes the usage of historical and aggregated data. A. Production b. Data warehouse c. Multiuser d. Single-user

Data handling (DP) specialists space in existence due to the fact that of ________. A. The boost in the number of computers b. The have to speed up handling of data c. The need to track data and produce compelled reports d. The introduction of database monitoring systems

A ________ mechanism is created of software, hardware, data, procedures and also people. A. Database b. Computer c. Software d. File

A record consists of a ________. A. Arsenal of related records b. Collection of one or more fields c. Group of records d. Character

All areas for a certain entity deserve to be grouped with each other as a ________. A. Record b. File c. Database d. Field

A(n) ________ permits the user come specify what need to be done without specifying exactly how it must be done. A. Object-oriented language b. Manuscript c. Procedural language d. Nonprocedural language

Data ________ exists when it is feasible to make changes in the data storage qualities without affecting the applications program"s capacity to access the data. A. Mining b. Truth c. Inconsistency d. Independence

due to the fact that all data access programs room subject to readjust when any kind of of the file"s data warehouse characteristics change (that is, transforming the data type), the record system is said to exhibit ________. A. Data dependency b. Reasonable data format c. Data self-reliance d. Physics data format

________ self-reliance exists when it is feasible to make alters in the document structure without affecting the applications program"s capacity to access the data. A. Logical b. Structural c. Physical d. Fragmentation

Data ________ exists as soon as the same data room stored unnecessarily at different places. A. Exposed b. Fragmentation c. Redundancy d. Inconsistency

A data ________ establishes when every one of the required transforms in the redundant data are not do successfully. A. Anomaly b. Redundancy c. Dependency d. Inconsistency

________ room the human being who usage application program to operation the organization"s daily operations. A. End users b. Data practitioners c. Database programmers d. Managers

________ are considered database architects. A. Equipment administrators b. Database developers c. Systems experts and programmers d. Database administrators

where does the DBMS save the definitions of data elements and their relationships? a. Data file b. Data thesaurus c. Data map d. Index

tasks that do the database perform more efficiently in regards to storage and access speed are well-known as performance ________. A. Breakthrough b. Upgrades c. Improvements d. Tuning

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The DBMS permits the user come specify what need to be done, without having to specify just how it is to be done, by utilizing a(n) ________. A. Accessibility control b. Security device c. Table generator d. Ask language