Interstellar dust clouds are best observed at what wavelength?A) Radio and infraredB) Radio and X-rayC) UV and also infraredD) Visible and also UVE) visible only
What wake up to light passing through also thin clouds of dust?A) The light the passes v them is blue shifted as result of the cloud"s approach.B) that dims and reddens the light of all more distant stars.C) that is motion reasons the irradiate of stars beyond to twinkle.D) the motion reasons all light to be red shifted together it passes through these clouds.E) also a little can completely block every light, such as the Horsehead Nebula.

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Interstellar gas is composed mostly ofA) part hydrogen, but mainly carbon dioxide.B) just hydrogen.C) 10% hydrogen, 90% helium by number of atoms.D) 90% hydrogen, 9% helium by weight.E) ammonia, methane, and water vapor.
What two points are essential to create an emissions nebula?A) warm stars and interstellar gas, particularly hydrogenB) hydrogen gas and carbon dustC) interstellar gas and also dustD) hydrogen combination and helium ionizationE) cool stars and much interstellar dust
What is the major visible color of an emission nebula?A) red because of reddening by dustB) black, due to the fact that of dustC) blue due to ionized helium atomsD) blue native the scattering the light off the tiny moleculesE) red due to the Hα line of hydrogen
A have fun nebula shows up blue since it scatters the _____ light of the stars near it.A) blue or much longer wavelengthB) blue or much shorter wavelengthC) blue-purple wavelengthD) violet wavelength
When an electron in a hydrogen atom transforms its spin native the exact same to the contrary direction as the proton, itA) emits a radio tide photon.B) neither emits no one absorbs a photon.C) absorbs a radio wave photon.D) absorbs a visible light photon.E) emits an X-ray photon.
Neutral hydrogen atom are best studied from their power given turn off asA) red hydrogen alpha emission, in ~ 656.3 nm.B) 0.2 nm as X-rays.C) 21-cm waves in the radio region.D) Neutral hydrogen offers off no detectable radiation, since it is cold, no hot.E) 121.3 nm together Lyman alpha emissions in the UV.
The most usual molecule in a molecular cloud isA) methane, CH4.B) carbon monoxide, CO.C) molecule hydrogen, H2.D) ammonia, NH3.E) water, H2O.
On an H-R diagram, a protostar would certainly beA) over and come the appropriate of the key sequence.B) below and to the left that the key sequence.C) over and near the upper left the the main sequence.D) below and near the appropriate side the the key sequence.E) ~ above the key sequence in ~ the extreme lower right.
During the T-Tauri step of a protostar, itA) lies ~ above the key sequence.B) transforms its turn direction.C) may build very solid winds.D) expands dramatically.E) begins a duration of reduced activity.
Herbig-Haro objects at opposite end of bipolar jets can expectancy a(n) _____ across.A) mileB) thousands light-yearsC) light-yearD) thousand kilometers
A newly developed protostar will radiate generally at i m sorry wavelength?A) infraredB) X-rayC) visible lightD) ultravioletE) radio
Which statement around the step of starbirth is false because that a star favor the Sun?A) The T-Tauri wind is widespread in phase 5.B) At phase 1, only the cloud exists.C) atom reactions start in the core by stage 4.D) By phase 7, the star has reached the key sequence.E) By stage 3, the star has created a photosphere.

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A cloud fragment too small to collapse into a key sequence star i do not care aA) T-Tauri object.B) pulsar.C) white dwarf.D) world of an additional star.E) brown dwarf.
Which is properties of globular star clusters?A) only brown dwarfs in a yellow ball 100 ly acrossB) a mix that old and also young stars, around 100,000 ly acrossC) old age and also hundreds of countless stars, only about 30 ly wideD) shining blue main sequence stars, and thousands of themE) no remaining main sequence stars, however millions that white dwarfs