Assume that a certain species with sex chromosomes R and S exist such that RR individuals develop as males and also RS individuals develop as females. I beg your pardon of the following mechanisms would certainly most most likely compensate for the potential imbalance the sex-chromosome gene products in between males and also females of this species? A. Inactivation of one R chromosome in males B. Doubling warrior from the S chromosome in females C. Inactivation the the R chromosome in females D. Doubling warrior from the R chromosomes in malesCould who please define why is the answer not B? My reasonable behind choosing B to be that since S is in lesser quantity, copy its expression would enhance the R expression. I have actually read about X inactivation in humans however how does the relate come this question?
The prize is A - imagine the genders space reversed - this is the procedure of lyonization in females.

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It"s straightforward mathematics. We know males have actually two R chrosomes, while females have only one R chromosome. Choice A - males will develop the very same amout the transcriptomes indigenous R chromosome as females who have only one R chromosome. Choice B - Females will produce an ext transcriptomes indigenous S chromosome, which males don"t even have. An option C - Females will not produce any type of transcriptome from R chromosome. An option D - males will produce four time the quantity of transcriptomes females create from a single R chromosome. Ns hope you view my point. another option ns was expecting to view was the inactivation that the S chromosome in females, yet that would certainly be too hard to guess: v without much more information.
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