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“This is wherein we keep all of our horror pictures. Yes, there’s Dracula, and also there’s the wolf Man, and there’s Dr. Jekyll and also Mr. Hyde. But wait. Wait till you check out our recent horror creature. The creature from the black color Lagoon.”

I had two choices on what to review today. I could’ve choose the 1953 function film Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which starred horror constant Boris Karloff as Dr. Jekyll. I seriously disputed whether ns would testimonial it or not. It was one of Abbott and Costello’s four monster meeting films and also would’ve rounded the end this month of movies.

I at some point didn’t go through it since it feel strange to testimonial a comedy riffing on Jekyll and Hyde movies when I never reviewed one this month. Instead, I’m act something I’ve never ever done: reviewing a sketch.

On February 21, 1954, simply nine job after the premiere that The biology from the black Lagoon, Abbott and Costello appeared on The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950-1955). They did a 15 -minute map out where they, within the fiction the the bit, visited the spooky universal prop room to obtain some stuff for your appearance on the show. The room is filled with dummies the Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the wolf Man. If there, the two accomplish a foolish prop male who keeps reading a scary murder story to the jumpy Costello’s disappointment and they cross routes with the Invisible Man, the Frankenstein Monster, and also the biology from the black Lagoon (played by Ben Chapman, the guy who actually illustrated the Gill-Man in Creature‘s over water sequences).

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This being a brief sketch, i don’t have tons to say. The comedy bits in between Costello, Abbott, and also the prop man selection from creepy sounds just Costello can hear, come a pen holder that Costello alone look at move, a floating cigarette, and a creaking coffin. They’re good jokes, however nothing friend can’t gain from the duo’s various other monster-meet films. So unless you’re one Abbott and Costello completist, there’s no real large need to check this out.

Even the opportunity to view them communicate with the Gill-Man because that the an initial and just time isn’t that satisfying. The Gill-Man just shows increase in the concluding seconds of the bit. It’s funny when he ultimately shows up, however it’s a really brief communication that just makes you wish this was a function film. It’s sad they never did do a movie with the half-man, half-fish creature; the would’ve been fun to check out Abbott and also Costello in an underwater setting, and also it would’ve perfect the six monster set.

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Sadly, a full-length snapshot never occurred with the Gill-Man. So, we’re left with this small relic from TV past. Examine it out listed below if you feel the need, however you’re not missing out ~ above anything an excellent if girlfriend skip it. It’s traditional Abbott and Costello. Naught more.