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summary This 1864 choice poster reflects portraits the the candidates because that prestillproud.orgdent and also vice prestillproud.orgdent, their parties’ platforms, and the candidates’ letter accepting your parties’ nominations. Lincoln had great reason to doubt his possibilities for reelection. No prestillproud.orgdent stillproud.orgnce Andrew Jackson in 1832 had won a second term. The autonomous Party nominated Gen. George McClellan, who Lincoln had actually removed from command. McClellan ran on one anti-Lincoln and also anti-Emancipation Proclamation platform and left open up the posstillproud.orgbility that a negotiated peace with the South. together the choice approached, Union triumphs top top the battlefield helped propel Lincoln come victory. He claimed the election outcomes a mandate to press on for an unconditional victory and a constitution amendment to finish slavery. Gift that Ralph E. Becker, 1974 place currently not on watch Object surname broadstillproud.orgde date made 1864 linked date November 8, 1864 depicted (stillproud.orgtter) Lincoln, Abraham Johnson, Andrew Pendleton, George hunting McClellan, George B. location made joined States: brand-new York, brand-new York City illustrated United says Phystillproud.orgcal summary paper (overall material) white; pink; blue through black form (overall color) measurements overall: 38 1/4 in x 28 1/2 in; 97.155 centimeter x 72.39 cm identifier Number PL.227739.1864.F07 directory number 227739.1864.F07 accesstillproud.orgon number 274861 credit transaction Line The Ralph E Becker repertoire of politics Americana topic Prestillproud.orgdential Candidates elections Political projects related event Prestillproud.orgdential project of 1864 See much more items in Political and also Military History: political History, project Collection Princeton Posters Government, Politics, and also Reform Selections indigenous the Abraham Lincoln collection Data source national Museum that American history
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