"The Suite Life the Zack and Cody" was among the finest Disney channel shows during the beforehand 2000's, hands down.

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It was constantly a sirloin to check out those block of TV mirrors that girlfriend loved once you came house from school, prefer "That's for this reason Raven," "Even Stevens," and also "Lizzie McGuire."

However, there was something around "Zack and also Cody" that we just absolutely loved. Maybe it was the opportunity of living in a hotel? Or the fact that you could get your underwear dry-cleaned, much like Zack; every little thing it was, us loved it.

Ugh, the memories.

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One that our favorite characters, as well as Zack and Cody the course, to be the constantly nagging young girl, Agnes.


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It's safe to say, Agnes is no longer in she awkward preteen years!

Check out more from other characters you may have forgotten about in the collection below!

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