To preserve balance and also simplicity in her presentation, developers recommend utilizing a preferably of ____ fonts.

You are watching: ____ allow you to control how objects enter, move on, and exit slides.

a two

b four

c five

d seven

These are results that room in location when you move from one on slide to the next.

a animations

b designs

c effects

d transitions

The best means to acquire a slide show to prevent is to:

a click protect against button

b leave PowerPoint

c press ESC

d yell in ~ the computer system to STOP

This button permits you to create a new presentation, open an currently presentation, save and also save as, print, send, or close

a Office button

b new button

c open up button

d PowerPoint button

These are architecture templates that deserve to be applied to whole presentation that enables for consistency transparent the presentation.

a designs

b styles

c themes

d templates

You can use a theme style to just one slide by ideal clicking and also choosing.

a use to all Slides

b use to Selected Slides

c set as Default Theme

d apply Theme Design

Underline, shadow, emboss, superscript, and also subscript are all examples of message ____.

a colors

b effects

c fonts

d styles

I want a graphics to paris in so ns would...a use the computer animation tab and set a practice animation, enntrance gate effectb usage the animation tab and collection a tradition animation, path effectc set the timings to suit the activities I needd best click the object and also choose Object animation Setup

Animations that lug a slide facet onto the display are calleda improve effectb activity effectc leave effectsd entrance effects

What means can you switch between slides in normal slide view?a next slide buttonb arrow keysc page Up/Page under keysd Click through Your Mousee all of the above

A(n) __________ is used to move an item off the screen.a exit effectb boost effectc enntrance gate effectd motion effect

Question 16 (1 point)

This is the website we supplied to develop headline logos.a www.flamingwords.comb www.wordsrcool.comc www.flamingtext.comd

To acquire a clean background on her logo, you would select ________ for her background color.

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a clearb whitec blackd transparent

The setup of elements such as Title and also subtitle text, pictures, tables etc. Is dubbed :a Designb Layoutc Schemed Presentation

If you desire to add a sound to a custom animation, you would look for a _________ sound.a mp4b wavc wmpd max

When including a background sound to her PowerPoint, click Insert and click __________.a Movieb Audioc Soundd Animation

To obtain a sound come play transparent the whole presentation, you would have to modify the sound in the ______________.



The steps to including a solid, gradient, pattern, or picture background architecture are.a Click architecture tab, background Styles, style Backgroundb Click design tab, Click Themesc Click Insert, elevator Styles, style Backgroundd Click Insert Backgrounds

To add a preset design template as your background click this steps...a Click Design, Themeb Click Design, lift Styles, layout Backgroundc Click Insert, Backgroundd Click Insert, Theme