In Are friend the One? Season 8 episode 4, Justin is turned turn off by Jonathan’s possessiveness and also made out through Max in the closet. Therefore, Jonathan began nurturing his link with Basit, desired pronouns lock or them, and also they made him feel incredibly comfortable. Also, Amber walk on a Getaway Date, and Nour’s jealousy side begins to show. Finally, Basit threw a queer prom because that the singles for this reason they might relive your high institution dance through dressing exactly how they want. Which pair went right into the 3rd truth booth and also who sat with each other for the Matchup Ceremony? Keep analysis to uncover out!


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Kai and Jenna walk on Getaway Date

After knowing Jenna likes cake and using it in a pickup line, Kai walk on the group Getaway day with her. Remy, a single in the residence who Kai hooked up v on the first night and also made out v Jenna, additionally joined the manta beam date. Before going, Jenna told Kai she no think they were perfect matches based on the beams. During the date, lock privately talked about their relationship, which caused a screaming match. Instead of walking far from each other, they started making out and didn’t stop as soon as they got earlier in the house, as they to adjust on the floor and continued to kiss.

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Kai and also Jenna enter the 3rd truth booth

The bulk of the house voted Kai and also Jenna into the truth Booth to check if they space a perfect match. While some thought it was a waste, rather felt like the couple seeing no complement on the screen is the just thing that will certainly break lock up. While the singles were right, Kai and also Jenna were a shown no match; they to be wrong about the news break them up. Immediately after seeing the article flash throughout the screen, Kai and also Jenna started making out in the truth Booth.

Me city hall Jenna and Kai around to execute it in the fact booth #ayto

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Although Nour comforted Kai and Remy and also Basit attempted come uplift Jenna, the two ended up together in the boom Boom Room the night. The following morning, Remy, who wants to obtain to understand Jenna, experienced the no match couple cuddled increase together, and also he referred to as them out. However, lock admitted in the confessional that “feelings room feelings,” and it will certainly be tough to quit every other.

Who does everyone pick at the third Matchup Ceremony?

Jonathan selected his potential match first, and he surprisingly decided Brandon. The night before at your queer prom, Jonathan and Basit had actually a breakthrough in your relationship. Not only did Jonathan recognize they could be perfect matches, yet they shared a kiss in the confessional. Jonathan’s thinking for picking Brandon is due to the fact that he has a good body. Therefore, he think Brandon will placed the same effort he walk in functioning out into their relationship. Up next is Aasha, and also she enjoyed the three-way kiss she had with Max and also Justin, for this reason she choose Max. She likewise thinks he is a love guy and also has the attributes she wants in a partner.

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Paige had a good time on her day with Amber, even though she didn’t obtain a kiss, and chose her at the Matchup Ceremony. Amber likewise said she would have actually picked Paige due to the fact that she and Nour room on a break. Kai picked Danny, Jenna selected Justin, Remy made decision Basit, and Kylie and Kari sat together again because that their third straight ceremony. Therefore, Jasmine and Nour to be left, and also they partnered together. For the third time in a row, the house received two beams, signifying the 2 perfect matches that sat together.

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