After this episode of assault on Titan, there is no doubt the a war is coming in ~ the Walls. The uprising is near and also I simply hope that Erwin will make it through long enough to see his plan in action.

Japanese initial Episode Title: 信頼


The Scouts manage to catch Marlo and Hitch, 2 members the the army Police that provided to be in the same team of Stohess district Privates together Annie. Meanwhile, at funding Mitras, Hange rescues Flegel, the kid of ceo Reeves, that is hunted down by the interior Police. Ago in the woods, Hitch is accusing the scouts of bringing death into the city in order to capture the Titan and how it’s their fault that Annie is tho missing. Captain Levi climate reveals come them the Annie is the Titan and that they just want to assist humanity make it through by unravelling the secrets hidden by the government. Marlo provides to join them and also after being tested by Jean, they prove to the Scouts the they genuinely want to support them. They attack one the the weaker articles of the armed forces Police outside the city, Levi records their leader and also tries come extract information out that him. Earlier in the city, Flegel works with Hange and also pretends come be caught by the armed forces Police but before they kill him, he renders them admit being connected in his father’s death, i m sorry is overheard by Hange and the adjacent civilians and Flegel swears to safeguard them against the interior Police. In the meantime, Erwin is brought before the King in ready for his execution.

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Episode Highlights

Armin’s character development: It is amazing exactly how this cute tiny guy has progressed into a beast. I have actually recently re-watched the whole series and it yes, really amazed me exactly how much that has readjusted from the very first episode. Specifically if you to compare him v Eren, Armin has end up being quite an interesting and also fascinating character. And also might i just add that that is beginning to come to be a little bit dark and also creepy? Look at this face… Reminded me of when he to be lying to Bertholdt around Annie’s whereabouts.

Is everyone an Ackerman now? In the 2nd season, everyone turned the end to be a Titan and in this season anyone is walk to revolve out to be an Ackerman? What the hell is walking on? Mikasa was caught way off guard once Levi pointed out Kenny’s last name. Space Levi and Mikasa related? and also if they are, is Kenny related to them as well? Or walk Kenny just gave his last surname to Levi due to the fact that he to be under his protection? i think castle are certainly related. It can not be a simultaneous that all of them are insanely strong.

Hange and also Erwin are so badass: You would certainly think that she would have actually lost she hearing ~ that man shot alongside her ear yet noooo… she just carried on and punched him straight in the face. Erwin did fine to leaving her in command of the Scouts, she is walking to perform a great job. And also can we simply take a minute come appreciate just how awesome Erwin is? He has no hand, he has actually been beaten up and captured but he have the right to still confidently look at you right in the eyes, threaten you, and also convince you that he had the top hand every along. That is THE MAN.

Levi can make girlfriend hurt: Seeing him pushing his foot down that man’s neck made me mental the scene of that beating up Eren in the first season. He is absolutely crazy and also he knows it.

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– You are insane! 

– maybe I am.

Themes & Trivia

Chancellery: I think the men that to be plotting to kill Erwin room the Lords that are members the the Chancellery, i m sorry is an institution that unifies and supervises the various public organizations of administration, justice, and also military which plot under the royal government’s will. Although it officially outranks various other organizations, its authority is in consistent contention.


It is constantly interesting to check out Hange’s schemes and also her means of thinking. Ns honestly think that the Scouts have some brilliant minds. I median they have Erwin who is very strategic, methodical and logical; then you have Armin that is an extremely observative, rational, and also can absorb and use details to his advantage; and then you Hange that is a chaotic genius v no sense of danger. These three make an pure killer team in regards to strategy and plans, and in addition to the fighting skills of Levi and also Mikasa and Eren’s Titan form, they might literally bring the whole people upside down, yet as Hange discussed in the episode, the Scouts haven’t to be so lucky thus far. Probably due to the fact that their opponent is not that they were expecting.

Defeat is every the enlightenment Regiment has ever known.

I need to say the characters in attack on Titan are so an excellent and distinct that is sort of tough to choose up favorites. And also what is yes, really fascinating is their development in general. Great job, Isayama. Also, please Mr. Isayama, don’t death Erwin, the is method too valuable to die. Say thanks to you.


Attack on Titan Season 3

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