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The difference between a physical reaction and a stillproud.orgical reaction is composition. In a stillproud.orgical reaction, there is a adjust in the ingredient of the building materials in question; in a physical adjust there is a distinction in the appearance, smell, or simple display of a sample of matter without a readjust in composition. Back we call them physics "reactions," no reaction is actually occurring. In order because that a reaction to take place, there need to be a readjust in the elemental composition the the substance in question. Thus, we shall simply refer to physical "reactions" as physical alters from now on.


Physical alters are minimal to transforms that result in a difference in display without changing the composition. Part common alters (but not limited to) are:

Texture shade Temperature Shape readjust of State (Boiling allude and Melting allude are far-reaching factors in identify this change.)

Physical nature include countless other elements of a substance. The complying with are (but not restricted to) physics properties.

Luster Malleability capability to be attracted into a thin wire density Viscosity Solubility fixed Volume

Any readjust in these physical nature is described as a physics change. For additional information, please refer to Properties the Matter.

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stillproud.orgical changes, ~ above the other hand, are rather different. A stillproud.orgical change occurs once the substance"s composition is changed. Once bonds are damaged and brand-new ones are formed a stillproud.orgical change occurs. The adhering to are indicators of stillproud.orgical changes:

adjust in Temperature adjust in shade Noticeable odor (after reaction has begun) formation of a Precipitate development of Bubbles

Note: as soon as two or an ext reactants are mixed and a change in temperature, color, etc. Is noticed, a stillproud.orgical reaction is most likely occurring. These room not identify indicators; a stillproud.orgical reaction might not be occurring. A adjust in color is not always a stillproud.orgical change. If one to be to change the shade of a substance in a non-stillproud.orgical reaction scenario, such as paint a car, the change is physical and also not stillproud.orgical. This is because the ingredient of the automobile has not changed. Proceed with caution.

Common physics Changes


The texture of a substance can differ through a physical change. Because that example, if a item of timber was sanded, waxed, and polished, the would have a very different texture 보다 it initially had actually as a rough piece of wood.

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Robotic arm using paint on automobile parts. Photo use with permission (CC BY-SA 4.0l RoboGuru).


Although us cannot watch temperature change, unless if a change of state is occurring, that is a physical change.


Change of State

The change the state is likewise a physics change. In this scenario, one deserve to observe a number of physical properties changing, such as viscosity and shape. As ice turns right into water, the does no retain a heavy shape and now i do not care a viscous fluid. The physical "reaction" for the adjust of ice right into liquid water is:


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Malleability is likewise a top quality of metals. Metals are stated to be malleable. This way that the metals have the right to deform under an amount of stress. For example, if you can hit a metal with a mallet and it deforms, that is malleable. Also, a paperclip deserve to be shaped with bare hands.

Bent Paperclip

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The density of an object is the mass divided by its volume (d=m/v). A substance will have a greater density if that has much more mass in a addressed amount that volume. Because that example, take a round of metal, around the dimension of a baseball, compressed from raw metal. To compare this come a baseball do of paper. The baseball made of metal has actually a much higher weight come it in the same amount of volume. Thus the baseball made out of metal has actually a much higher density. The density of an object will likewise determine whether it will sink or to rise in a certain stillproud.orgical. Water for instance has a thickness of 1g/cm3. Any type of substance v a thickness lower than that will certainly float, while any type of substance with a density above that will certainly sink.

Oil Sinking in a Glass of Water


Viscosity that Fluids

Figure Viscosity demonstration. The fluid on the left has a lower viscosity 보다 the fluid on the right. (CC SA-BY 4.0; Synapticrelay).

Change in Temperature

A change in temperature is properties of a stillproud.orgical change. Throughout an experiment, one might dip a thermometer into a manufacturer or Erlenmeyer Flask to verify a temperature change. If temperature increases, together it walk in most reactions, a stillproud.orgical readjust is most likely to it is in occurring. This is various from the physics temperature change. Throughout a physical temperature change, one substance, such together water is being heated. However, in this case, one compound is mixed in through another, and also these reactants produce a product. When the reactants are mixed, the temperature readjust caused by the reaction is an indicator of a stillproud.orgical change.

Figure: Violent Reaction (Fireworks) with warm as a product

As an instance of a exothermic reaction, if \(Fe_2O_3\) is mixed with Al and ignighted (often v burning Mg), then the thermite reaciton is initiated


This reaction generates warm as a product and also is (very) exothermic.

However, physical transforms can be exothermic or endothermic. The melting of an ice cube, i beg your pardon is endothermic, is a adjust in a physics property and also not composition. Thus, the is a physics change.

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Change in Color

A change in color is additionally another characteristics of a stillproud.orgical reaction taking place. Because that example, if one to be to watch the rusting of metal over time, one would realized the the metal has changed color and also turned orange. This adjust in shade is evidence of a stillproud.orgical reaction. However, one should be careful; occasionally a change in shade is just the mixing of 2 colors, however no real readjust in the composition of the substances in question.

Metal Rusting


Formation that a Precipitate

The formation of a precipitate might be one of the most typical signs of a stillproud.orgical reaction taking place. A precipitate is identified to it is in a solid that develops inside of a solution or another solid. Precipitates have to not be confused with suspensions, i m sorry are remedies that space homogeneous fluids v particles floating about in them. For instance, as soon as a soluble lead carbonate reacts v Barium, a Barium carbonate precipitate deserve to be observed.