Congratulations! did you do it officially made decision to begin your trip to coming to be a license is granted CPA. Obtaining started is often the hardest part. Pass the 4 sections of the CPA test is the biggest step in earning licensure. We’re prepared to guide you through all four sections the the CPA Exam, for this reason you have the right to cross that large task item off her list. Here’s exactly how to acquire started v your CPA evaluation course, starting with her CPA login.

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Click your user symbol at the height of the web page to accessibility your MyAccount page and review her orders.Download the app from your application store and also use her login info to unlock all of your CPA testimonial content on the go. Now you’re prepared to research for the big exam day anywhere you go!

Study on your schedule 

Set up your research time in a means that best fits your schedule v our helpful study planner. Customize her planner based upon what stimulate you arrangement to take it each ar of the exam. Unsure that which ar to take first? The best order to take the CPA Exam might depend on your details CPA journey.

And don’t forget the importance of time management. Studying for the CPA exam isn’t the just task on her to-do list, so producing an efficient study planner based on how much time you can realistically dedicate each week can aid you regulate study time v your occupational and personal life.

How to receive your physical textbook

Your CPA testimonial course consists of printed and annotated digital textbooks. If you study ideal with physics textbooks, you deserve to request to have actually your textbooks shipped. her textbooks will certainly not ship till you request them. This is to ensure the you receive the many up-to-date study products as you study for each part of the CPA Exam. Monitor these straightforward steps to relax your physical materials:

Log in to the course portal in ~ cpa.stillproud.orgAt the bottom best of the screen, you’ll watch “Redeem Books” feature. Click it. Conversely you deserve to open the user menu by clicking her initials on the peak right ar of the screen and also select the choice “Redeem Materials”.Identify the CPA Exam section that you’re at this time studying. Best practice is to release books for each section individually, as you’re studying for them, as we update products throughout the year.Click “redeem” because that the CPA Exam ar that you great to receive physical materials for, fill in her shipping address completely and click “ship come this address.”Materials ship via the technique chosen at initial enrollment. No extr charges apply. Please permit 3-6 service days because that processing and also delivery.

For extr assistance or concerns approximately releasing her physical textbooks, please call our Customer assistance team at 877-272-3926.

Mobile app

Preparing because that the CPA Exam requires a significant investment of time and energy. Realistically, you won’t be able to spend all of this time in ~ the library or a traditional working environment. Do you should study top top the go? Of course you do! your CPA evaluation course is obtainable on mobile, allowing you to research without your desktop computer computer.

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simply download the app and also enter your CPA login credentials to get started.