A good example of an ergonomic mouse is a upright mouse.You will find many mice that have actually been designed to crossover are much more common. These mice do not only have comfortable forms but also trackballs.

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Mouse Buttons

Another necessary factor to think about when in search of a music production computer mouse is the buttons the you can map her favorite audio record software. Many ergonomic and trackball mice come with various scroll wheels and also buttons that have the right to be mapped for different functions ~ above the audio record software.With music production mouse devices, similar to is the situation with CAD computer mouse device, having much more buttons is actually a good thing as you can assign more functions come them. You have the right to map the buttons to job-related in a similar method to key-board shortcuts in Pro devices or her favorite music manufacturing software.’The mathematics is simple: one switch can be mapped for a single task, 2 buttons because that 3 tasks, 3 buttons for 6 tasks, and also so on. However, many mouse devices for music production permit for three button combinations together well.The much more functions you assign to the buttons, the quicker you can mix, edit, scroll through libraries, automate, zoom in and also do various other tasks.

Best mouse for Music production (Pro Tools, Abelton, & Fruity Loops)

There room many choices for setting up her music manufacturing studio. Below are the best mice girlfriend will need for music production:

#1. Kensington skilled Trackball

This is just one of the optimal rated music production mice. The Kensington skilled Trackball is ergonomically shaped and also features an attachable arm remainder that renders it comfortable. The mouse comes v TrackballWorks software application that you deserve to use to assign its 4 buttons to various edition, scrolling, and other shortcut functions.The Kensington Trackball mouse permits you to carry out all sorts of workflow work such together marker navigation, transfer selection, one-click home window selection, copy/paste, and more.

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#2. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

The Logitech M570 is a crossover mouse, i.e., it permits you to relocate the cursor without moving your hand however can usage it prefer the traditional mouse. This mouse is comfortable and its form supports her hand, enabling the arm to rest and, hence, minimize the risk of RSI.The Logitech M570 has programmable buttons the you have the right to map to any functions girlfriend would favor through the Logitech Control facility Software (Mac OS X) or the Logitech SetPoint™ software program (Windows). Girlfriend can quickly take turn off the trackball come clean the mouse. The battery lasts up to 18 months.Apart native being offered in music production, the Logitech M570 is additionally rated as among the finest mouse because that Fortnite.

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#3. Logitech master Wireless Mouse

The Logitech master mouse is designed to it is in comfortable. The music production mouse supports the hand in a organic position and also its buttons are put within simple reach. The mouse has actually a main scroll wheel the adapts come the rate at i beg your pardon you might be scrolling v your libraries or windows.There is additionally a thumb wheel that attributes as a horizontal scroll wheel in ~ its default setting. The scroll wheel, and also other wheels, deserve to be customized with the Logitech options software.The Logitech master wireless mouse is inbuilt v tracking an innovation that allows it to specifically track movements, also on glassy or glossy surfaces.

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Editor’s Verdict: finest Mouse for pro Tools, Abelton, & other Music manufacturing Software

If girlfriend are in search of the best mouse for music production, we recommend the Kensington skilled Trackball. This computer mouse is ergonomically shaped and its buttons can be customized for particular functions you might want.You will certainly realize that these three mice are additionally rated as the finest CAD mouse gadgets on the market.