It’s too early to say whether or no 2016 will be the year the the running back in university football, but there’s no shortage the talent returning at this position next fall. The optimal three returning alternatives at running back – LSU’s Leonard Fournette, Florida State’s Dalvin Cook and also Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey – need to be amongst the favourite to win the Heisman in 2016. And also there’s a strong 2nd tier in location with the return the Oregon’s Royce Freeman, Oklahoma’s Samaje Perine, Clemson’s Wayne Gallman and also Georgia’s Nick Chubb. Phibìc Carolina’s Elijah Hood and also Penn State’s Saquon Barkley room two names just inside of the top 10 that might climb even higher next fall.

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With spring exercise inching closer for every 128 teams, Athlon sports is taking an early look in ~ the peak 75 to run backs in the nation for 2016. This list could look a lot various by August, as place battles are sorted out and also the distribution of carries for each team is developed, in addition to the emergence of freshmen in offseason workouts. Our rankings are compiled through using many factors including career stats therefore far, 2015 statistics, pro potential, estimate for 2016, worth to the team, recruiting background and just as whole talent. Additionally, play time and also the separation of tote for teams with multiple backs in consideration was taken into account. Think of this list as very early power ranking because that 2016, through tweaks expected at the finish of spring and also prior come Week 1.

Other names in consideration: Gerard Wicks, Washington State; De’Veon Smith, Michigan; Kalen Ballage, Arizona State; C.J. Leggett, Georgia Tech; Dalyn Dawkins, Colorado State; terrycloth Swanson, Toledo; A.J. Ouellette, Ohio; Markell Jones, Purdue; Robert Martin, Rutgers; Gerald Holmes, Michigan State; Devin Chafin, Baylor; Anthony Wales, WKU; Jeffrey Wilson, north Texas

College Football's Pre-Spring top 75 RB Ranks for 2016

75. Marquis Young, UMass

Young’s 960 yards critical season was the highest mark by an UMass player because the Minutemen joined the FBS ranks in 2012. He also finished the year top top a high note, gashing Buffalo for 240 yards and three scores on 35 do the efforts in the season finale.

74. Johnston White, Arkansas State

Three Arkansas State running backs eclipsed the 600-yard mark last season. With Michael Gordon expiring his eligibility, Warren Wand and also Johnston White need to be an ext involved v the ground attack in 2016. White taped 616 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2015.

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73. Devante Mays, Utah State

In his first season in ~ Utah State, Mays led the team with 966 yards and nine rushing scores. The junior college product became much more involved together the season progressed and finished through two 100-yard efforts over the final three games.

72. Jarveon Williams, UTSA

Williams to be a breakout performer for the Roadrunners critical season and also is among the height returning players for brand-new coach candid Wilson. In 11 appearances critical season, Williams rushed because that 1,042 yards and also eight touchdowns.