Kratos is earlier again for an additional quest and this time it"s all about being a dad and also collecting part sweet gear. Right here are 15 wonderful items to grab!

God of War is here! that’s right, everyone’s favorite red, white, and well, more red, anti-hero is back. The demigod who is literally covered in the ashes that his old family is earlier in one more high intensity, action-packed, rage-filled trip to finish anyone and also everything that’s ever before made him contempt angry. Or is he? In 2018’s God that War for the PS4, everything you know around the franchise is mostly different. Kratos has now to be dad-ified, and also that comes v a complementary beard. However the Spartan’s appearance no the only difference here, he’s to be taking part anger administration classes, and is currently trying to teach his puppy-eyed son not come repeat papa’s mistakes and weld chain to his arms for all eternity. This time around, Kratos lore-hopped into Norse mythology and has to be living with his now deceased wife and talkative kid Atreus. Together, dad of war and also son travel throughout the 9 realms searching for the ar to spread mommy dearest’s ashes.

Again, this time around, everything is different, and also that has combat. Kratos has actually stats now. If Kratos could see the menus in this game and try to know all the numbers, he’d most likely fly right into a Spartan Rage. And together with those stats come different armor sets, talismans, enchantments, and also a entirety host of various other standard RPG equips that Kratos has done his finest to avoid. We’ve excellent the hefty lifting of trial and error out all of these axe handles, heart animals, and also attack runes because that you so we deserve to let you understand the 15 Best and also the 15 Worst equips in the brand-new God the War!

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Disclaimer: A couple of this items do include spoilers into how you get them, so be forewarned. There are no story spoilers though.

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30 Best: versatile Warriors take care of (Axe Pommel)

Well right here we go, yet why would I placed a green tier early game items on this list? since it tote your early game in God of War. When you’ve had your beautiful orchestral arrival to the game, and then continue to immediately teach your son how amazing to win feels. Kratos and his brief ball that rage travel to Tyr’s holy place in the Lake that the Nine, your main hub because that the game. As soon as there you gain the chance to discover the open world and sail roughly the lake if Kratos tells stories poorly around how the tortoise was a boss and also the hare to be an unmotivated jerk. Among that open lake is an island through a stone brazier which, once you light, enemies spawn! after they’re uh, taken care of, a spirit appears and tosses the flexible Warriors manage your way! The spirit additionally asks if you deserve to light every 3 that the other braziers on the lake, which, if girlfriend do, it s okay you every the products you require to get this take care of to max level actual quick.

This handle gives an even spread the buffs in every single stat, basically making that an in its entirety buff because that Kratos an extremely early in the game.

other rewards up to this suggest have just targeted one or 2 stats, add to the Warriors handle gives more to each stat individually than anything else so far.


29 Worst: The Ancient collection (Armor Set) (Powerpyx every Armors Youtube Video)
Yeah, for some armors, enchantments, and also runic attacks, ok be group multiple items into one entry because it’d be odd to judge them individually. Now onto the Ancient set which is, in a word, boring. The ancient set, first of all, looks extremely dull for its context.

that an armor set you acquire from defeating what are basically elemental golems (though all of them are made that rock) and also using your bright glowing hearts, rock limbs, and also other parts to craft into armor.

Now, I claimed these room rock monster right? climate why does the armor set look choose Brok/Sindri take it a bunch of failure chainmail links and melted lock onto scraps the granite? i’m not about to tell video game developers how to make their game but they really must have offered this collection some visual pop. Something like glowing veins from the golem cores ~ above it, or a belt buckle it is a golem heart, anything come liven that up. Also, the set is straightforward in that is statistical spread out as well, the prioritizes defense, which only cowards do. And it has the passive effect to boost elemental resistances. Now, if the resistance buff does make contextual sense due to the fact that it"s made the end of elementals, I’ve never met a God that War or character activity player that prioritized resistance’s and defense end damage and elemental buffs, it’s simply not in the soul of sick combos to perform so.


28 Best: feathers Of The Fallen servant (Enchantment)

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because that anyone who has actually played God of battle PS4 for any amount the time, you understand there is a the majority of running. Kratos is constantly building his cardio, whether it’s running to the bridge to travel in between realms, or to run to the watercraft to sail around and also explore, Kratos is a marathon man. And also because of all this running, a means to increase running rate is a substantial time saver and also benefit in the expectations of the game. It could not sound all that great that a minor speed buff is ~ above this list, however when the video game is 15-20 hours long before doing the side content, a swift sprint is a lifesaver.

You gain this enchantment, unfortunately, a bit late right into the game and behind a pretty steep an obstacle wall.

A bit an ext than halfway v the video game you achieve the ability to unlock the magic doors that have been locked transparent the game. These space the huge old concealed Chambers with the winter locks that young keeps making funny of Kratos for no being able to open. Behind these doors, many of the time, are the legendary Valkyries of vikings Mythology. These Valkyries are usually ethereal and don’t have a physical form, but they’ve acquired a physical type now, and also they’re all set to usage that form to physically finish your trip early. Valkyrie Gunnr is discovered in one Area referred to as Thamur’s human body (See if friend can number out why it’s called that), and the feather of the fallen Servant charm is derived after defeating her. (Powerpyx all Armors Youtube Video)
i promise this is the critical armor set I’ll pick on, however the Arcane Might set is a team of armor piece you unlock later on in the story, and is just purely disappointing. The a legend Armor collection that looks pretty nifty and because the looks therefore nifty the sad that it’s no good. “Arcane Might” is a fancy means of saying battle Mage or Paladin, i m sorry is what this set is clear trying to advertise chin for. You would think an armor set meant to prioritize casting Runic attacks/Runic Summons and raw fight potential would focus on Strength, Runic, and also Cooldown right? Wrong.

This sets biggest stat buff, and also I median big, is Defense.

as soon as all 3 pieces are equipped Kratos gets a 110 Buff come his defense, which is gigantic! If his defense gets that much, I have the right to only imagine what his Runic gets right? 41…That’s right, 41. Much less than fifty percent of what it provides to defense it offers to Runic, and also it’s an odd number in ~ that! It additionally gives 53 Strength and 26 vitality but these numbers are overshadowed by strength buffs in other sets the don’t also have “Might” in their title! to summarize, this set looks great, doesn’t expense too much, and looks choose it’ll be an excellent for players who prefer to execute combos and also cast spells. However it’s not, that a large old wall of Defense with some “okay” buffs come strength and also runic, and also nothing because that cooldown.


26 Best: Mistbourne (Axe Pommel)

Anyone that has even gotten a teensy little bit curious and tried the end the hardest difficulty in God of War PS4 knows, your wellness drains faster than the Lake that Nine as soon as Jormungar do the efforts to execute a backflip. And also in those cases, friend need wellness recovery, whether it’s a talisman, enchantment, or relying on your Hawkeye child to discover a health and wellness crystal. But there actually is a fourth option.

There are a variety of axe and second weapon handles in the video game that have actually a chance to recover health based on a number of circumstances, and one the the best among them is the Mistbourne.

This axe handle, first of all, provides amazing buffs to strength and also vitality. However mostly, it has actually a low possibility to approve a heal mist on any HIT, which, for any player, there are a many hits that occur in any kind of encounter. Not just that, however if the healing mist result goes off, yes sir a Runic stat buff as well. This is insanely good for survivability ~ above the more difficult difficulties, in fact, something that has actually the “on any type of successful hit” phrasing in it, is normally a an excellent equip. The just downside come this remarkable pommel is that you basically have come clear every one of Niflheim to gain it. Niflheim is an optional side area covered in clouds that Dwarven-made mist, which explains the Axe handle name.

This one simply makes me sad to write about. I really did love the idea of using an elk together a summon. Yes something simply so an excellent about using a biology that’s viewed as the summary of relaxed as a weapon. I also used this summon for about 30-40% that the entire game, yet ultimately I came away realizing the it has some vital flaws. First of all a description, this summon is shot right into being by Atreus, and also then go forward an extremely slowly every the if damaging enemies in that is vicinity. You have the right to upgrade the Elk v XP to continue to be out top top its stroll longer. The difficulty is, it is summoned wherever Atreus is. And as any kind of seasoned player will know, Atreus deserve to be anywhere, at any time, and he listens to NO man when it comes to positioning.

This expected that fifty percent the time ns summoned this large beastly elk, he was 50 feet indigenous the opponents I want it come damage, walking along without a care in the world due to the fact that Atreus had been shoot his arrows from within a wall.

Secondly, the damages is laughable, if summoned making use of light arrows i m sorry inflict minor stun on every enemies but not nearly enough to enhance just shooting a couple of Atreus’ patented arrows the pure distilled knockout juice. Once summoned using electric arrows, that does actually regulate to keep all the enemies roughly it in a stunned state, but the damage it does is basically nil.


24 Best: Focus collection (Armor Set)
Finally, we get to talk about all the an excellent armor to adjust in this game! The Focus set is armor that you get reasonably early in the game, in fact, friend can obtain it ideal after you get back from Alfheim. All 3 piece of this armor set are uncovered in different locations in the mountain after you clear the black fog. Cautious though, the chest item is fully missable and can’t be acquired after a certain point. Simply look approximately for it once you acquire to the fire traps.

In any type of case, this armor collection is all about the cooldown, baby. You like casting Runic Attacks? Cooldown. Desire to summon the spectral elk so you deserve to be disappointed again? Cooldown.

Cooldown is a really funny stat come prioritize in God of War since you essentially have 6 attacks that are impacted by it, 4 runic attacks, a talisman, and also a Runic Summon. Every one of these attacks are incredibly powerful so using them all the moment is really strong. Plus, the arms because that this armor set give Kratos sleeves made out of snakeskin, who wouldn’t desire to look for this reason stylish? All three pieces have actually sort of a snakeskin pattern and honestly look completely silly, yet in the best sort that way.

mine PS4 conserve Data
This item is sort of a cheat answer since it’s a forced story item, however still. ~ you climb all around our frozen frigid girlfriend Thamur and find his Chisel., you locked into a story dependent boss fight. After claimed fight, Kratos cuts off a item of the huge glowing carrot for this reason Atreus and also he can ultimately travel to the floor of the Jolly green Giant and also live happily ever before after? Wrong. The chisel piece also now allows you open those hidden Chamber doors you’ve been seeing all roughly up until now! that is a an excellent thing, this doors give you access to a most the best fights in the game with some really cool enemies.

The downside is each and also every door that is openable through this chisel has actually a small mini-game wherein Kratos needs to stab the winter in the best spots to do a runic symbol.

Basically, you relocate the chisel every around and also when the controller vibrates specifically hard girlfriend hit the connect button. The doesn’t seem therefore bad, and also honestly, it’s not, however sometimes you have to do this increase to three times, and the rumble isn’t specifically super clean on as soon as you’re in the perfect spot. Either way, it’s a little mini-game for opened doors i m sorry is neat, it’s simply that the mini-game isn’t really fun. Hot tip though, in the availability settings that the video game you can collection it so it simply opens the doors without having to play the game!


22 Best: Talisman that The worlds (Talisman)

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Is God that War tho a “character action” game like its ahead titles? older God of war titles had a camera the was pulled way back, Kratos would certainly be performing “sick stylin"” combos, and also tons the weak opponents spawned in for you to juggle in the air. The new God of war still actually does have actually all that, albeit a little slowed down. But when anyone brings up the “character action” descriptor, 2 games present up together prime instances of the sub-genre, Bayonetta, and Devil may Cry.

In Bayonetta and now God that War over there is a mechanic where once you evade an assault at the last second time slows down for everyone however you, allowing the player to get an prompt reward for your perfect reaction time.

God the War PS4 love this idea and also has this mechanic enforced in 2 talismans. One is the Talisman the the worlds which permits the player to slow down time once activated because that 1-4 seconds relying on how lot it’s upgraded. And also then yes sir the Amulet of Kvasir i m sorry is comparable to the Talisman of the realms other than it auto-activates whenever friend perfect dodge and has no cooldown. Therefore if you’ve played Bayonetta and also love punching opponents that room frozen in time, God that War has actually you covered.

Alright, Alright, I recognize I’m picking on part cool spirit animal stuff and also that’s not fair. But come on! This summon states it summons spectral falcons! Falcons mental you, and also all they do is fly in a circle then dive right into the ground. It’s very boring and also not at all what I’d suppose a falcon come do. I’d love if it was a solitary target summon the picks increase the biology you’re pointing at and also drops it down for stun/damage choose real falcons do, yet nope they just unceremoniously dive right into the ground.

The other concern is that there is another pet summon that’s a killing OF CROWS. A similar bird type summon that’s an entire group of crows that swarm and also attack your enemies.

therefore not just is the Falcons Dive relegated to being an unspectacular summon visually, however it’s also outclassed damage and spectacle wise but one more bird summon! It’s simply absurd, that’s prefer if there to be a be afflicted with summon where one summon the be affected by each other curled up into a ball and also went come sleep, then there was additionally a panda summon whereby it does a backflip when mauling every little thing in sight. It’s prefer they to be trying come smear the falcon name! and I’ll tell girlfriend what there’s been a lengthy line of cool video clip game falcons, one is a racecar driver and also a captain! and the various other is a starship pilot, granted these space both Nintendo characters but come top top Sony offer us cool falcons!


20 Best: Talisman that Rejuvenating rage (Talisman)

My amazing Photoshop an abilities and
So many players will certainly realize really early that Atreus “Boy” that War, Kratos’ son, is really strong. And also I mean he kicks all type of behind with his arrows. ~ venturing with Alfheim, Atreus also gets the ability to shoot arrows make of PURE magic McGuffin light, what that amounts to is it allows you and your son open some formerly locked areas. That’s neat and also all, but in the skill tree, currently that’s wherein the magic happens. You can upgrade the guys light arrows come inflict method more shock then they currently did. Now, what go this need to do through the Talisman?

Well once an adversary is stunned in God that War and also you press R3 near them, Kratos does some WWE-esque moves that destroy an enemy’s health and give the invincibility during the animation.

The Talisman that Rejuvenating rage takes those shock finishers and also gives you health back whenever you perform one. Now, top top the harder difficulties, this is a godsend, since if girlfriend play her cards right, you might be bouncing in between invincible shock finishers for fifty percent the fight, acquiring all her health back while you do it. That an incredibly solid talisman. The only problem is the the stun finishers are very lacking in variety so if you hate watching the one where he gut-punches then curb stomps a revenant, i’m sorry yet I’ve got bad news because that you.

currently we’ve talked around how this video game is a character action, heavy combat type of game, right? Now, what room some trademarks that a game centered on combat? constant movement, frame certain dodges, and also brutally cool moves space some facets that involved mind. Now, here we have a runic attack that is the absolute opposite the all three of those things.

The Wrath that the Frost old Runic strike is boring, unnecessary, and weak.

it’s a move where Kratos holds out his trusty axe, climate proceeds to…shoot an ice cream beam the end of it? currently if he was fighting a dragon kind Pokémon, it would be at sight strong, but other 보다 that, the really no much. The beam has actually low damage and high frost so it’s great for applying a most frost to a very big enemy. But, there are plenty the other, much better options to carry out the very same thing. And, in order to use said frost, you need to stand perfect still if the attack is walk off, therefore if there are more than 1-2 enemies, you’re walking to gain hit in the meantime. Overall, God of War supplies a huge variety of light and heavy runic attacks, therefore there space plenty of move you have the right to use to replace this completely unneeded one.


18 Best: Tyr’s Unity set (Armor Set)

mine PS4 save Data
This is personally my favorite armor collection in the game. Yet I was a little bit Hacksilver stunner in my playthrough and also equipped absolutely everything that buffed mine luck. Tyr’s and only a handful of other armors offer luck but the genuine strength of Tyr’s collection is just how absurdly at an early stage you can acquire it. If you remember earlier, the way to obtain the flexible Warriors handle was to finish one of the spirit goals in the Lake the the Nine. Well as soon as you do all of the large important side objectives in and also around the Lake you’ll acquire 3 offerings to Tyr, these offerings room what permit you to handmade the arms, chest, and also legs that Tyr’s set.

be warned though, you can’t carry out all the side quests in the lake until large ol" slippery line has readjusted the water level, twice.

Again, choose the Warrior’s handle, Tyrs set gives a boost to every solitary stat, its biggest stats, the course, being defense, luck, and also cooldown. Plus it’s a rank 3 gear that goes as much as Rank 5, so it have the right to last you till the late game or even all the means through to the end if you’d like. I typical who wouldn’t favor to with just how snazzy the looks? It’s got cool wolf creatures engraved on the chest and also the blue really complements Kratos cold, unyielding stare.

Unfortunately, this following “not so great” article is a search reward, throughout the time you’re trying out the Lake the the ripe to gain your very own supervisor special, among a kind Tyr’s unit Armor set! you’ll come across the Volunder Mines and right prior to the enntrance gate to this mines is none other than Brok. Brok wants few of the goodies in that mine that belong come an alchemist friend of his who he, matter of factly, presume is deceased. After you execute what you do and explore the mines, you find out in a number of ways that undoubtedly this friend of Brok’s is super gone. As soon as you trek ago to Brok and also let him recognize that’s the end of the quest…for now.

but his reward is to give you this fixed of Volunder! Unfortunately, Kratos should have actually asked because that a much better reward.

The Grip offers you a kind 6 strength and 6 defense for being a rare item. However its real trouble is that is passive ability, on any axe hit, yes a really low opportunity to give a protective Barrier, which blocks enemy strikes for a 2nd or two. Now here’s the key difference, a many items in God of War have actually a “low chance” attached to them, and also with high luck, they in reality activate a decent amount. But a “very low chance” seems to basically never ever activate, at least in mine experience. Over there are just a couple other items with an extremely low in the description but I’d advise simply to stop them since that "very low" no kidding around.


16 Best: Infinity Gauntlet And stone Based enchantments (Talisman/Enchantments)

DID you GUYS understand THAT THANOS’ INFINITY GAUNTLET IS IN GOD that WAR?! HUH? Yeah, yes sir an infinity gauntlet Easter egg in the game. It’s a an extremely fun and cool inclusion, however it’s to be talked about constantly since the game came out so ns really don’t desire to harp ~ above it. What I carry out want to harp top top though, is simply how great these enchantments room that space “homages” come the infinity stones. They’re yes, really good, all of them, in different ways the course.

Some provide passive buffs, rather buff part stats massively, and even part still, are captured souls trapped in a item of jewelry forever.

Whoops, that last one is a little bit of a doozy huh? nothing worry around it, the a side quest you’ll acquire later. In any type of case, if you see an enchantment that has actually the native existence, eye, mind, stone, or soul anywhere in it. I think it’s among those and keep that on you. Now, the Talisman girlfriend slot this enchantments into is called the not correct Gauntlet of Ages and is supposed to stand for the Infinity Gauntlet. And when you activate that Kratos does obtain a gauntlet and punches v it, but statistically, the INSANELY good. It has actually 3 charm slots, THREE, it is as much as one armor piece and also certainly an ext than any type of other talisman gets. So also with the cool tiny marvel nod, the actual item themselves room really good, which I constantly appreciate v Easter egg items.

God that War PS4 has actually A most money put right into it, and by a lot, I median a heap of money around the dimension of the people Snake. But, the only has a couple of the 9 Realms, 2 the which room Muspelheim, i m sorry is a series of combat challenges, and also Niflheim, which is a rouge-like-esque area through a demise timer. Niflheim is one area covered in fog that will finish Kratos after ~ a details amount that time, and in stimulate to extend that timer, Kratos has to equip all kinds of gear to combat the “cursed mist.” some of this equipment comes in the type of great enhancements that, any type of time after ~ beating any kind of enemy, provide some the the timer back. On the other hand, there room enchantments the only offer a little of timer after one of two people a successful parry, a precision throw, or one executioners cleave.

I recognize what she thinking, that doesn’t sound also bad! i mean, if you no parrying, throwing, or cleaving a lot, those the huge deal?

The huge deal is you gain these enchantments randomly from opponents in the zone, and it’s nothing yet annoying to acquire these ones. They room 100% outclassed through the persons that give timer ~ above successful foe encounters, so they’re nothing however a disappointment as soon as picked up.


14 Best: Eye the The Winged chosen (Enchantment)

my PS4 conserve Data
We’ve talked about the Witch Time talisman’s the really press players to dodge with perfect timing, and now, this is the enchantment the basically makes combat a cakewalk. This enchantment, called the Eye the the Winged Chosen, increases both the speed and also the distance that Kratos deserve to dodge. This is in reality incredibly valuable for just about every assault in the game.

I uncovered it specifically helpful against dodging the troll, ogre, and Valkyrie attacks, all of which have very wide hitboxes on few of their moves.

i don’t know about you however I adore items in gamings that provide passive effects. The kind of buffs that you just collection and forget together opposed come ones I need to activate or store in my mind every the time. And, this enchantment gives a whopping 13 cooldown along with this passive effect. The unfortunate part of the is the you can not knab this helpful small thing until you’ve acquired Thamur’s Chisel to open the concealed Chambers. This enchantment, along with a hold of other good items on this list, drops indigenous the Valkyrie fights. This fights room customarily just for those who are at the really least mid-game, but even climate they’re quite tough. For this reason if you’re emotion lucky punk, come try and grab them.

So this is the thing, these attacks are decent, they’re no at all negative runic move to use. However what put them for this reason high on this list for me personal is just how uncreative and unoriginal they are. As soon as you attain the charge of the White Bear move for her Leviathan Axe early in the game, that cool, the move isn’t all as well exciting, but it’s an excellent and has its uses. Then as you development throughout the story you obtain many, MANY, various other runic attacks and also even the blades of Chaos. All of these attacks vary in your spectacle, damage, and also usage. And also the knives of Chaos space radically various weapons come the Leviathan Axe, all in all, you have actually plenty of variability and also it’s clear that the strikes for the blades are very different than the one of the Leviathan axe.

climate you get the Spartan charge ability, and also it is, without a doubt, an almost frame for framework copy that the fee of the White Bear strike with included fire effects.

It’s so boring! and also I deserve to understand the thinking of wanting to have a similar move on the blades so you can open up your choices for the Axe runic attacks. Yet they chose an already boring relocate to copy, and they didn’t mix it increase in the slightest! every in all, it’s no a hindrance come your endure or anything, it’s simply disappointing.


12 Best: Breath that Thamur & Meteoric Slam (Heavy Runic Attacks)

mine PS4 save Data and also (Powerpyx every Runic Moves)
Now here are two Runic assaults that for every intents and purposes, serve the same function, however visually can not be an ext different. The Breath of Thamur for the Axe and Meteoric Slam for the chisels are too of the most visually appealing assaults in the game. They’re unlocked v story progress pretty late in the game, and also you require a pretty big chunk of the items obtained from Muspelheim and also Niflheim in order to buy them indigenous the Dwarven brothers. Regardless, they’re precious it.

The Breath the Thamur attack is one absurdly large attack in a 360-degree radius approximately Kratos where winds of extreme cold execute massive damages to any enemy in range.

v upgrades, you prolong the time that the runic attack is active, and with the best talisman/stats you can potentially spam this capability and pat the video game one-handed. Meteoric Slam is a bit different and in mine opinion a bit worse, but not by much. Kratos go a vast slam v the blades and also knocks up a barrage of volcano rock. These rocks rain down on your opponents in a semi-random fashion and also do massive damage to whoever castle hit. Overall, the two attacks are well worth the investment and also are a vast help for the so late or post-game content.

i’m going to acquire into part trouble because that this opinion, however the Valkyrie collection looks lame and has “alright” stats in ~ best. Over there I said it. The Valkyrie set is armor the you obtain and are able to upgrade only from defeating every one of the Valkyries, and the Valkyries are by far the hardest meet in the game. Lock ruthless, brutal, unforgiving bosses that all have actually a similar base architecture with some variations.

and also I’ll be honest, no one of the an excellent aesthetics from your designs get in the armor set you end up wearing.

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every Valkyrie has their own incredibly unique helm/mask the Kratos collects every time he defeats one. Their outfits are all contempt different and also so room their move-sets, mechanic wise. Yet the points that they space not, are clean, crisp, polished gold angels of perfection. At the very least not in this norse timeline. But for some reason, as soon as you obtain the Valkyrie armor, the looks prefer this cookie cutter, basic gold armor set instead of anything similar to what the Valkyries themselves to be wearing. This would have actually been the perfect chance to have actually the masks from your helms be integrated into the collection in part way, and the set"s figure could readjust as friend fought more Valkyries, in its entirety it just seems like a bit of wasted potential together a reward because that a really great & daunting section of the game.

Bandai Namco"s following Mobile Game, tales Of Luminaria, opens up Pre-Registrations A brand-new anime series based on the video game is likewise in development.