Cheery wood, elm, maple, cedar, and rosewood room the best species of hardwood to be provided on a homemade desk. The desktop can likewise be made from cheaper options such together 18mm plywood, MDF, MDO, or particleboard.

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If you want to make your desktop computer for a computer system desk, a creating desk, or any kind of other type of desk, you’ll need to discover the right materials for the job. Solid lumber is not going to it is in cheap, but the last results can be worth the effort, especially if you’re planning to sue the desk for the long-term.

Solid timber to use on a desktop computer for a homemade desk

Cherry wood had actually a distinct appeal due to the fact that the middle Ages. Some of the most expensive workdesks are now being offered made exclusively from cherry wood through its near grains and red/brown profile. You deserve to expect to salary at least $100 for the cherry wood alone. Sanding and stains room not contained in the price. Girlfriend can examine it out below on Amazon.

Elmwood likewise has sometimes red streaks, but it is mainly light brown. In ~ a price of at least $70 every cubic foot, elm is no cheap. However, it is a rare chance to develop something distinct.

Maple is known for its thick fibers v a combination of brown with red nuances. It is a strong type of wood that might not need any kind of other type of added support in the middle of the desk. You can discover maple wood for as tiny as $8 per square foot. Friend can examine it out below on Amazon.

Rosewood is well-known to it is in harder to find. It can be your last possibility to uncover it at a kind price. Even so, friend will must pay a few hundred dollars because that the entire desktop. Most species of rosewood now come native China, Thailand, or Africa.

Teak wood has a unique golden-yellow color. That is available in planks at $25 and also you’ll only need to put them together. However, its color will fade if the desk is under straight sunlight alongside a window.

Walnut is such a an excellent classic wood. You will pay roughly $6 per board foot. Also more, most stains look very an excellent on walnut wood. You can examine it out below on Amazon!

Oakwood is another an excellent option because that its load resistance. You will certainly pay about $16 because that European oak/BF.

Cedar is another top an option with the impressive history behind it. Except its fragrant profile, girlfriend may be able to find it at equivalent prices to oak wood. Finishing and also staining are not had in these prices.

Bamboo is frequently a type of timber you have the right to use for desks if you want a light blonde color. Part variations come in red-brown color. You have the right to purchase it below on Amazon.

Pine is commonly white and also lightweight. Some variations come in irradiate brown.

Mahogany is another kind of hardwood you deserve to use. Because it come from big trees, it’s normally cut in huge boards. However, you can also find that in slabs below on Amazon. Mahogany might be a bit more expensive than other species of wood, yet it provides your desk and also general office furniture watch classy and also timeless.

If you’re to plan to do your wooden deck, it might be a great idea to select solid hardwood as it can support the weight of your arms and of the computer, monitor, or any type of other accessories you would think of. A few materials room not together recommended, at least not in the very same thickness.

Particleboard is cheap, however it can be supportive in the right cut. Water spills might quickly ruin your desk and you may finish up paying much more by seeking a replacement desktop. Girlfriend can inspect it the end over here on Amazon!

MDF is used widely in the workdesk industry. However, it i do not care saggy and it is merely too hefty for what it is. You might go with it in the end because it paints quickly. Friend can inspect it out right here on Amazon!

Plywood deserve to be a an excellent alternative. Its benefit is the it can be discovered at good prices almost in any devoted shop. Girlfriend can consider it for storage cabinets together well.

MDO can be a type of sophisticated plywood and it can work for a cheap desktop. However, its edge can’t it is in finished as nicely together on solid wood and also you will need to adapt with a systems such together banded edges. This can be way cheaper than going because that a full hardwood workdesk which would price at the very least $3.000.

How will my desk look?

All species of wood for your desk can look at different. The course, you have the right to use a different stain for a new look. But here’s a depiction of what each form of organic wood looks like with pictures.

Type of woodHow that looksWhere to buy it
Get it here on Amazon
Dark cherry
Get it right here on Amazon
American walnut
Get it here on Amazon
Get it here on Amazon
Get it below on Amazon

Repurposing old furniture

Another alternative would it is in to look at for materials you might already have around the house. For example, you deserve to use a solid wood door girlfriend don’t require anymore. Since it already has a feet in it, you deserve to even think about it come organize cables. Of course, the way the door is made and also its design can be limiting factors.

Using a door also way having a far better idea the what size workdesk you’re going come get. Countless doors are taller 보다 2.000mm and wider than 700mm. You might still need to cut it under to to the right a workdesk profile.

I have actually the desktop ready, what feet perform I usage for the homemade desk?

Desk frames and legs can be uncovered online. The cheapest legs can start at $40. Two square metal legs deserve to cost roughly $100. An instance to check out here on Amazon! however you can likewise consider purchase a standing desk frame. Prices start at $200. There are various options for the framework as well. An example for girlfriend to examine out right here on Amazon!.

The many expensive part of a new desk is that is desktop. Among the best parts of natural wood is the it looks much better in various stains. It additionally lasts much longer if appropriately assembled. You will require a couple of tools and plenty that patience to put the desktop computer together.

However, if you decide to make her wooden desk at home, you could be saving a lot therefore a piece can expense thousands. Even the simplest Ikea particleboard still costs $100 therefore you will certainly be better off with a solid hardwood alternative. However, if you plan to store your workdesk in the garage or only use it on occasion, you may want come look because that plywood alternatives.


Elm, cedar, and also rosewood room special types of wood. Some might be uncovered easier 보다 others but every one of these woods have actually a story come tell. The best part is the no two pieces of wood are the same. This is why you will have a unique desktop for your homemade desk and also this endure cannot it is in replicated by any retailer with cheap MDF alternatives. However, the best kind of hardwood for furniture is regularly the one you can afford also if most of the times you finish up developing a cheaper desk contrasted to purchase one the is already made.

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It additionally helps to find perfect accessories for your elegant wooden desktop. Feel totally free to check my overview on the ideal desk lamps to get some ideas on your wooden desktops the can combine with illumination solutions.