Out the the ashes of an individual loss and also grief proficient by each band member, Big daddy Weave has written and released an positive song the helps us all know the actual reason why we"re here!

Watch the official video of the band"s song, "This is What we Live For"...

“I began writing ‘This is What us Live For’ with a couple of heroes the mine while us were top top a tour protect against in Los Angeles,” shares lead singer, Mike Weaver. “I had actually written with amazing songwriter and worship leader Matt Redman before. He had actually reached out to me around getting together with him and Jonas Myrin in ~ Jonas’ residence to write. I hadn’t met Jonas, however I knew the him as Matt’s co-writer the ‘10,000 Reasons’ in addition to other an excellent songs.Leading as much as that, i had remained in the middle of hurting after mine dad passed, after what had actually happened through my brother’s health and also the amputation of his feet, after my mom acquired a cancer diagnosis and all this pressure and also pain.Around the time, ns heard my minister say the it"s essential to have purpose past your pain. That stuck with me and came into new meaning when i was provided the opportunity to travel to Egypt the complying with month.While i was there, I had actually an incredible suffer re-realizing the objective for my life. That function is to share the post of the Gospel, come tell civilization that there"s much more than a 2nd chance because that us. There"s new life due to the fact that of the love of God. Due to the fact that of what he did for me and all people, the desire of my love is come share that the love that God is for everyone and that God is because that them.When a human being realizes the hope that they have in Jesus and also that i do not care the higher voice in a person’s life, the reveals the objective that’s bigger than the pain. It’s like when the prophet Jeremiah says in chapter twenty, city nine, what if I decided to prevent talking about You? Jeremiah states that God’s indigenous is in his heart like a fire, a fire shut up in his bones. That can’t hold it in.In sharing that v Matt and Jonas in addition to the title and title melody that ns had, we created this song as an anthem to say, this is what we live for.

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We want to execute what friend say, to go whereby You say go, come let the whole world know that You"re the light in the darkness. We want to take it the love of God everywhere and also lift the surname of God higher, so the all will certainly be welcomed to You.”