Travis Scott’s “Birds in the Trap song McKnight” attributes Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, 21 Savage, and many more. Stream that here, via apologize Music.

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After tiresome delays, Travis Scott ultimately made an excellent on his promise to release his sophomore album, Birds in the Trap song McKnight, which it s okay its location from a Quavo lyric ~ above “Pick increase the Phone.” and also he walk so first by playing the album live top top his “.Wav” radio display on to win 1. Additional indication that his recent attend to Apple, Birds in the Trap song McKnight is now obtainable for acquisition on iTunes and to stream exclusively on to apologize Music.Scott common the tracklist right prior to getting ~ above the air, and also the live stream soon surprised listeners with an array of superior guest features, including Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, Bryson Tiller, boy Cudi, Cassie, and also more. That would have ever imagined see 21 and K-Dot top top the very same album?

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AstroworldStudio album byReleasedAugust 3, 2018Recorded2016 – July 2018StudioCactus (Honolulu, Hawaii)Chalice and Westlake (Los Angeles, California)Conway and Henson (Hollywood, California)Dean"s List residence of access time (Cypress, Texas)Studio 713 (Houston, Texas)GenreHip hop<1>Length58:33LabelCactus JackProducerJason Geter (exec.)T.I. (exec.)Travis Scott (also exec.)B WheezyDavid StrombergFelix LeoneJ BeatzzLondon CyrRamyTim SubyTurboVegynWallis LaneTravis Scott chronologyHuncho Jack, Jack Huncho(2017)Astroworld(2018)Alternative cover
"Butterfly Effect"Released: may 15, 2017"Sicko Mode"Released: respectable 21, 2018"Yosemite"Released: November 20, 2018"Wake Up"Released: march 26, 2019

Astroworld (stylized in every caps) is the third studio album by American rapper and record producer Travis Scott. It was released on august 3, 2018, by Cactus Jack Records, epos Records, and Grand Hustle Records. The album complies with his 2nd studio album birds in the Trap sing McKnight (2016), and his collaborative album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (2017) v Quavo. The album features guest vocals from son Cudi, open minded Ocean, Drake, The Weeknd, James Blake, Swae Lee, Gunna, Philip Bailey, Nav, 21 Savage, Quavo, Takeoff, Juice Wrld, Sheck Wes and Don Toliver, among others. Manufacturing was tackled by many producers, including Mike Dean, Allen Ritter, Hit-Boy, WondaGurl, Tay Keith, Tame Impala, candid Dukes, Sonny Digital and also Thundercat.

Astroworld was supported by 4 singles, "Butterfly Effect", "Sicko Mode", "Yosemite", and "Wake Up". The album received vital acclaim and also performed well commercially, debuting atop the united state Billboard 200 through 537,000 album-equivalent units, of i m sorry 270,000 to be pure sales. It to be certified double platinum by the Recording market Association that America (RIAA). Astroworld to be nominated for best Rap Album in ~ the 2019 Grammy Awards, v "Sicko Mode" receiving nominations for best Rap Performance and also Best lab Song.

6Critical reception10Charts


The title of the album was announced in might 2016,<2><3><4> and initially teased because that a 2017 release.<5> The album location is named after the defunct theme park 6 Flags AstroWorld, i beg your pardon was located in Houston, Texas before its closure in 2005. In a 2017 interview through GQ, Scott speak on the location of the album: "They tore down AstroWorld come build an ext apartment space. That"s what it"s going come sound like, favor taking an amusement park far from kids. We want it back. We want the building back. That"s why I"m law it. It take it the fun out the the city."<6> Scott described the album together a extension of his debut album, Rodeo (2015), stating: "My whole idea was, if friend locked right into Rodeo, you definitely locked into Astroworld. I"m simply finishing the saga I started on my an initial album. This is claimed to it is in my second album. I had actually to go quick, due to the fact that like i said, I had all this ideas, i just had actually to acquire off actual quick, however now I"m finally back home v Astroworld."<7>


Recording because that the album took place in between 2016 and 2018, v Travis Scott posting updates through social media.<8><9><10> In July 2018, it was reported the Scott to be completing the album in Hawaii with a range of record artists and also producers, such together Mike Dean, Nav, candid Dukes, Sonny Digital, WondaGurl, Sheck Wes, Gunna, Wheezy, Don Toliver, Allen Ritter and Amir "Cash" Esmailian.<11><12><13>


On "Stargazing", Travis Scott discusses embracing success, which enables him to melted the horrors of his upbringing and also leave behind habits such drug abuse to i think a place as a duty model and also become a much better man. The brooding, psychedelic monitor is built on catch beats, insight notes and eerie cooing.
The ethereal ingredient weaves with each other heavenly hums and wistful harmonica lines. Scott"s lyrics focuses on rebuking those that egos make them feel and act god-like.
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Astroworld is a i know good hop album, incorporating aspects of trap and psychedelic music.<1><14><15> "Stargazing" has actually been described as a "psychedelic trap" song,<16> when "Coffee Bean" is claimed to inhabit "old college hip hop territory with a blissed-out funk guitar."<17> The tune "Skeletons" has actually been labelled together "kaleidoscope-pop" through Pitchfork that draws lyrical influences from Kanye West.<1> Mkv player free download torrent.


The cover to be shot through American photographer David LaChapelle, and also features a giant golden inflatable that Scott"s head together the entrance to an amusement park, with children, parents, and park employee in front of it. A 2nd cover features the exact same amusement park entrance in ~ nighttime, instead of the family-friendly functions with adult-themed content.<18><19> On respectable 1, 2018, transgender version Amanda Lepore, that is a well-known collaborator through LaChapelle, questioned why she had been excluded on the last version that the second cover.<20> LaChapelle later on responded, stating the it was because of Lepore upstaging the various other models on the cover.<21>

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In September 2018, TMZ reported that featured artist Frank ocean filed a cease and also desist versus Scott to have his verse on "Carousel" eliminated due to debates over the song"s sound.<22> ocean soon authorize a clarification, stating: "I think the track sounds cool <..> I additionally approved it before it came out so the cease and also desist wasn"t around ? that was about ?️‍?. Me and also Travis solved it amongst ourselves mainly ago. ?" Ocean"s use of the proud flag was seen to it is in a referral to the controversial removed of Lepore from the cover.<23>

Release and promotion

In may 2017, Scott uploaded three songs to SoundCloud—"A Man", "Green and Purple" featuring Playboi Carti, and "Butterfly Effect".<24> "Butterfly Effect" was released on may 15, 2017, because that streaming and digital download together the album"s lead single.<25> the peaked in ~ number 50 top top the us Billboard warm 100.<26> The single, "Watch" special Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert, to be released on may 4, 2018.<27> The track peaked in ~ number 16 on the united state Billboard warm 100.<26>

On July 27, 2018, a large sculpture that Scott"s head appeared on top of a Amoeba Music save in Los Angeles.<28><29> Multiple copies of the sculpture appeared in assorted other locations, consisting of Scott"s hometown that Houston, Texas.<30><31> After significant internet speculation, the release day for Astroworld was announced top top July 30, 2018, v social media, alongside an album trailer, which featured the monitor "Stargazing".<32><33>

The relax was adhered to by an illustration of Wav Radio on beats 1 through Chase B. Three songs were premiered the did no make the last track listing: "Houdini" featuring Playboi Carti, "Zoom" special Gunna, and also "Part Time".<34> A music video clip for the song "Stop do the efforts to be God" was released on august 6, 2018, directed by Dave Meyers.<35> Scott perform a medley of three songs in ~ the 2018 MTV video Music Awards.<36>

"Sicko Mode" was sent out to rhythmic and also urban modern-day radio on respectable 21, 2018, together the album"s 2nd single.<37><38> the peaked in ~ number one ~ above the us Billboard warm 100.<26> "Yosemite" was sent to urban modern radio top top November 20, 2018, together the album"s third single.<39> The album"s fourth single, "Wake Up", was sent to rhythmic modern-day radio on march 26, 2019.<40>

Critical reception

Travis Scott birds In The catch Download Zip Code

Professional ratingsAggregate scoresSourceRatingReview scoresSourceRating
Consequence that SoundB<14>
Entertainment WeeklyB<15>
The Independent<17>
Rolling Stone<47>

Astroworld was met with an essential acclaim.<49> in ~ Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating the end of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album obtained an typical score that 85, based on 19 reviews.<42> Jordan Bassett that NME offered Astroworld a perfect rating, praising the album"s guest appearances and noting "Stop make the efforts to be God" as "a document of especially prowess", when describing "Coffee Bean" together "a minute that encapsulates the scope and also ambition of Astroworld." Bassett concluded: "This is the sound the a musician that has functioned to forge an entire world, one empire, approximately himself – we deserve to peer in, yet from afar, guessing at his motives and life behind the velvet rope."<46> With similar acclaim, Kassandra Guagliardi the Exclaim! concluded that Astroworld "shows the evolution of Travis Scott together an artist and also is his many refined, imaginative, and also rage-worthy project yet."<44> Roisin O"Connor of The Independent described Astroworld together "a futuristic document with essentially flawless production, the lingers top top the mind long after the final track" and also labelled it Scott"s "most career-defining work to date."<17> For repercussion of Sound, Wren graves wrote the Astroworld is "an album full of contagious flows and also atmospheric beats."<14> thomas Hobbs the Highsnobiety proclaimed that Astroworld "will it is in remembered together the minute Travis Scott created a item of music worthy the the riots he is capable of inducing. It"s a insanity entertaining circus ride. Travis Scott desperately essential a an excellent album to justification the hype, and with Astroworld, the just can have a classic."<50> give Rindner the The line of finest Fit speak "Scott can have quickly made another distorted, debaucherous project favor his previous two albums, however by emphasizing his vocal performances and also finding the ideal middle soil he ever has with his bevy that superstar collaborators, he"s do Astroworld a layout park precious revisiting even if it is you come in together a stan or a skeptic."<51>

Larry Fitzmaurice of Pitchfork labelled Astroworld together Scott"s the strongest album to date, stating that "his skill as a curator helps sculpt a sticky, humid, psychedelic human being with dazzling production and also odd pleasures in ~ every turn", although taken into consideration Scott come "play ringmaster to his neon-decayed circus the sound fairly than come to be the key attraction."<1> Andrew Barker of range said, "At 17 tracks, Astroworld is no without filler—the 21 Savage function "NC-17" is tiresomely sophomoric, when "Can"t Say" and also "Houstonfornication" never ever really take shape—but hardly ever does the album feel lazy or uninspired."<52> for Rolling Stone, Christopher R. Weingarten complimented the first half of the album, though thought about the second fifty percent to it is in weaker in comparison: "Unfortunately, Scott doesn"t save the envelope pushing up for the totality album: a seven-song big in the ago end is vintage Travis with its zoned-out, hypnotic throb. However, the rest marks the most amazing music of his career, Scott no longer simply looking the part of a excellent artist, yet sounding choose it too."<47>

Travis Scott Bittsm


Year-end listsPublicationListRank
AllMusicAllMusic finest of 2018N/A<53>
Billboard50 ideal Albums the 20187<54>
ClashClash Albums the the Year 20182<55>
Complex50 ideal Albums of 20182<56>
Entertainment Weekly20 ideal Albums of 201820<57>
Exclaim!Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 20186<58>
The GuardianThe 50 ideal Albums the 201828<59>
HighsnobietyThe 25 ideal Albums of 20186<60>
The IndependentThe 40 ideal Albums that 201813<61>
NMEBest Albums that the Year 201819<62>
NoiseyNoisey"s 100 best Albums the 20187<63>
NPR MusicThe 50 finest Albums of 201835<64>
OkayplayerThe best Albums of 20184<65>
PitchforkThe 50 finest Albums that 201823<66>
Rolling Stone50 finest Albums of 20186<67>
UproxxThe 50 finest Albums of 20181<68>
Vibe30 ideal Albums that 2018N/A<69>
2019 Grammy AwardsBest rap AlbumNominated<70>

Commercial performance

In Travis Scott"s home country of the united States, Astroworld debuted in ~ number one top top the Billboard 200 with 537,000 album-equivalent units, which contained 270,000 pure album sales.<71> The album scored the second-largest very first week the the year, behind Scorpion by Drake, and second-largest pure album sales week of the year, behind Dave Matthews Band"s Come Tomorrow.<71> The album earn 349.43 million streams in the very first week, marking fifth largest streaming week ever.<71><72> that serves together Scott"s 2nd number-one album in the joined States.<71> following the release, all 17 monitor on the album gotten in the us Billboard hot 100, consisting of "Sicko Mode" (at 4) and also "Stargazing" (8), which make Scott the 4th act to have actually debuted multiple song in the chart"s top 10 simultaneously.<73> The album deserve 205,000 album-equivalent units in the 2nd week, continuing to be at number one.<74> on December 3, 2018, Astroworld went back to the number-one point out on the Billboard 200, earning 71,000 album-equivalent units, practically four months after its early release.<75> by the end of 2018, the album has actually earned over 1,985,000 album-equivalent units in the US, through over 464,000 being pure sales, marking the second best-selling i know well hop in pure album sales that the year, behind just Eminem"s Kamikaze.<76><77> ~ above January 31, 2019, Astroworld to be certified twin platinum by the Recording industry Association of America (RIAA) through two million album-equivalent devices in the united States.<78>

In Australia, Astroworld opened up atop the ARIA Albums Chart, ending up being Travis Scott"s very first number-one top top the chart.<79> 2 tracks "Sicko Mode" (at 7) and also "Stargazing" (10) charted in the peak ten of the ARIA Singles Chart, noting the rapper"s very first top ten songs in the country.<80> In Canada, Astroworld moved 27,000 album-equivalent devices in its opening week.<81> the serves as Scott"s first number-one album in the country.<81> In the 2nd week, the album earned 13,000 album-equivalent units, noting the second straight week at the height of the Billboard Canadian Albums.<82> In the united Kingdom, the album debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart, ending up being the rapper"s an initial top ten album ~ above the chart.

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<83> and also the album, the three tracks "Sicko Mode" (at 9), "Stargazing" (15), and "Carousel" (29) charted in the peak 40 the the UK Singles Chart, when the lead solitary "Butterfly Effect" previously reached number 57 ~ above the chart.<84>