Small metal birds finished in dark bronze with a light ivory glaze suspended native a organic elm branch with ivory ribbon and also natural rope. Each bird has a clip at feet for hanging pictures or notes. The size and also shape that the branch will vary.

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Overall: 18'' H x 45'' W

Add a charming and cold winter-like touch that nature-inspired art into your glam, modern, and modern-day living home layouts with this elegant and also abstract-styled "Twigs and also Branches" wall sculpture. This opulent wall decoration features a forest-like picture of twigs and also branches in silver and also gray finishes. Castle are right as large 'open design' framed sculptures that deserve to be hanged and displayed ~ above your wall surfaces horizontally. This wall sculpture's neutral shade scheme additionally makes castle a functional and stylish focal point art piece for both light and dark-toned backgrounds and furniture. An ideal for indoor usage only. This item comes shipped in one carton.

Overall: 22'' H x 48'' WWall Mounting Hardware Included: No

Handmade metal art design, perfect wall surface decor metal production. Add the distinctive decor to the wall surfaces of your residence or office! complement your interior architecture style.

Wall Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

Curving scrollwork branches topped through olives and also olive leaves, developing a sprawling interval piece. Brighten up her wall, or place it end a doorway. The blends fine with any kind of style the décor, from contemporary to traditional.

Overall: 10'' H x 46'' WWall Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

Accent the front garden or veranda through this lover accent, special 3 fun and colorful owls perched ~ above a curving branch.

Overall: 9.25'' H x 16.25'' WWall Mounting Hardware Included: No

This product has actually been masterfully crafted from metal and also varnished to give it long-lasting color. Every delicate detail has to be painted by hand, giving the tardy of a graceful biology that has collection down to rest on her wall. The sculpture is simple to maintain. A exorbitant hostess or housewarming gift!

Overall: 18.5'' H x 24'' W

This modern, blackish-brown wrought steel flock of paris birds wall decor is certain to add rich texture and also dimension to any an are craving statement wall surface art. The bird sculpture is lightweight, basic to hang, and also complements any kind of contemporary, modern, coastal, or eclectic an are with that unique and versatile style. Loop hardware is put at the ago section for easy hanging via nail or screw. An ideal for indoor use only. This item come shipped in one carton.

Overall: 21'' H x 47'' WWall Mounting Hardware Included: No

This steel Birds Door Crawler wall surface Décor is a unique method to include some whimsy to an otherwise underused space. Quietly sit the top section of the structure of a door or home window and permit the hinged part hang under the side. Eight birds sit happily in the branches, among whom is liven feeding a pair the hatchlings.

Overall: 2.5'' H x 10.75'' W

Handmade metal art design, perfect wall decor steel production. Add the distinctive decor come the walls of your residence or office! match your interior design style.

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Wall Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

The luxurious greenery wreath, not just your an easy basic green, this plant-focused selection offers an extremely thick wreath, decorated v flocked lambs ears blended mini eucalyptus and also Ivy leaves, producing a herbal appearance, include a warm glow to her decorations. It will certainly last a long time without one-of-a-kind maintenance, suitable for all seasons.