White black Legal journal of Law(ISSN 2581-8503) is inviting submissions because that its Volume 2, worry 6.

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About the Organisation

White black Legal (ISSN 2581-8503) is open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal provide committed to express see on topical legal issues, thereby generating a cross present of ideas on arising matters.

This platform shall likewise ignite the initiative and also desire of young law students to contribute to the field of law. The erudite solution of legit luminaries shall it is in solicited to permit readers to explore challenges that lie before lawmakers, lawyers and the culture at large, in the occasion of the ever-changing social, financial and technological scenario.

About the Journal

White black color Legal (ISSN 2581-8503) calls because that unique and unpublished research study papers, short Notes, publication Reviews & instance Comments.

Authors will be detailed with the following: A soft/hard copy that Certificate of Publication and Journal.


Any ideal theme pertained to the socio-legal facet is acceptable.

How to Submit?

To submit the paper, click here.

The manuscript need to be in multiple sclerosis Word format.The location of the manuscript have to be appropriate.The manuscript shall be original and unpublished.The submission have to not be plagiarized, and totally free from grammatical, spelling and other errors.Full names of all the author(s) must be given.Any uniform method for citation might be followed.The body of the manuscript shall be in Times brand-new Roman, font dimension 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes need to be in Times brand-new Roman, size 10 solitary line spacing.A margin the 4 cm shall it is in left on every sides of the paper.Page boundaries shall not be used.Word LimitArticles: 3000-5000 words consisting of footnotesShort Notes: 2000-3000 words consisting of footnotesBook Reviews: 1000-2000 words including footnotesCase Commentaries: 1000-3000 words including footnotesImportant Dates

Last day of entry of complete Manuscript: 27th January 2021.

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The publication/certificate will be exit on a rolling communication within 48 hrs of payment.

Publication DetailsThe fee is to be paid after acceptance of the Manuscript.Rs. 800 for single Authored manuscriptRs. 1000 because that Co-authored manuscripts (Max. 2, including the author)Rs. 1200 for 3 authored manuscripts (Max. 3, including the author)Contact

Varun Agrawal: +91 99906 70288