continue to launch a mysterious black gold-plated version of iphone 6s. It can be the world’s very first iPhone 6s which is gold-plated v black gold.

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Product Description proceed to beginning a mysterious black color gold-plated variation of iphone phone 6s. It could be the world’s an initial iPhone 6s which is gold-plated with black gold.


Shortly after Apple officially offer the an initial iPhone 6s and 6s plus,’s engineers will quickly lug out gold-plating this brand-new iPhone version.

Unlike the ahead 24K gold-plated or cacao gold-plated version, will introduce a new form of gold which is strange and much more expensive. It is the black color gold.


With the precious black gold, iphone 6s will get much more luxurious and also high-end than any gold-plated iphone 6s.


The new iPhone 6s with earlier and political parties embellished in one of two people 24K black color Gold.

The iphone phone 6s is SIM complimentary and factory unlocked to all networks – definition you have the right to use the iphone 6s on any type of network worldwide.

All iPhones come with full Armour Protection.

All phones room Sim complimentary & unlocked to work-related on any type of network in the world.

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iPhone 6s (4.7″ screen) EliteDimensions: 138.1mm x 67mmApple EarPods v Remote and MicLightning to USB Cable5W USB power AdapterDocumentationTotal armour Protection set up by grasp craftsmen in ~


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