Blade and Soul is a fantasy martial-arts MMORPG developed by NCSOFT. The fabulous combat systems and delightful presentations make countless players addicted come the game. However, many of them uncover out the it not easy to choose a course to play due to the fact that of the substandard class design. Here, we would like to offer some help. If you are trying to find cheap Blade and Soul, is your an initial choice to buy BNS


There is a complete of 9 great in Blade and also Soul, and each class has the own distinct features prefer strengths, defense, abilities, and also devastating combos. They space respectively Assassin, Summoner, blade Master, Kung Fu Master, destroyer, spirit Fighter, Warlock, and also Force Master. To assist you select the best one because that you to solo play, we deserve to have an overview of each of them.

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Assassin - Although doesn’t have powerful AOE skills, he has actually invisibility skill which deserve to make castle bypass other tiny monsters and go towards boss directly. This can save a many time once solo play. Therefore, if you room a rate pursuer, Assassin is the best choice for solo play. However, it is a little bit dangerous. Be cautious in the game.
Summoner - He deserve to be taken into consideration as a safe solo play course as that has powerful solo abilities. As long as Summoner enters the dungeon, he can finish the dungeon alone. Summoners have solid heal an abilities with its an effective summoned cat. In addition, knowledgeable summoners have the right to play tricky by making use of cat come detour the little monsters in former of the boss and also go in the direction of boss directly. Climate if you don’t want to connect with others and want to be a solo play, Summoner have the right to be your finest choice.
Blade grasp - He have the right to be thought about to be a an ideal solo class for players to choose. Through Blood Gust, knife Gust and AOE skills, tongue Master’s solo ability is rather strong. In regards to me, the solo capability becomes strong when girlfriend are expert Blade Master. So tongue Masters room not recommended to favored to play solo.
Kung-Fu master - He have the right to deal high damage to a boss and have Block skills, therefore, they deserve to be considered as a an excellent solo class. Together Kung Fu understand is weak in AOE an abilities and no friendly to brand-new players, that is no the best solo class.
Destroyer - His abilities to stay alive are scarce plus damage to a ceo is no so good, therefore, Destroyer is weak at solo play.

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Sword understand - have the right to do well in solo play in ~ the early stage. However, as soon as raiding alone, his HP decreases also fast. If you space not skilled, the is not said Sword grasp be a solo player.
After knowing these characters’ advantages and disadvantages, girlfriend may have actually a clue to pick which one. An ext than that, our Blade and also guide will upgrade in the near future. Prior to that, friend can to buy BNS cheap and fast here. BNS can assist you level increase your toughness in a an ext efficient way. Now, choose BNS for sale right here without any type of hesitation!