This song was taped by Dylan in February 1961, and was initially to be contained on The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, but was change by “A tough Rain’s Gonna Fall.”It is a… review More 

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I will certainly not go under under the ground’Cause someone tells me the death’s comes 'roundAn’ I will not carry myself under to dieWhen ns go to mine grave my head will be highLet me die in mine footstepsBefore i go down under the groundThere’s to be rumors of war and wars that have beenThe definition of life has been lost in the windAnd some human being thinking the the end is close by’Stead of finding out to live lock are learning to dieLet me dice in mine footstepsBefore ns go under under the groundI don’t know if i’m smart however I think I can seeWhen someone is pulling the wool end meAnd if this battle comes and also death’s all aroundLet me die on this soil ’fore I die underground
Let me die in my footstepsBefore i go down under the groundThere’s constantly been people that have to cause fearThey’ve to be talking about war currently for countless long yearsI have read all their statements and also I’ve not stated a wordBut currently Lawd God, allow my negative voice it is in heardLet me die in mine footstepsBefore i go under under the groundLet me drink native the waters whereby the mountain streams floodLet the smell of wildflowers flow cost-free through my bloodLet me sleep in your meadows v the green grassy leavesLet me walk under the highway with my brother in peaceLet me dice in mine footstepsBefore ns go under under the groundGo out in your country where the soil meets the sunSee the craters and also the canyons where the waterfalls runNevada, brand-new Mexico, Arizona, IdahoLet every state in this union seep down deep in her soulsAnd you’ll die in her footstepsBefore girlfriend go down under the ground
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This track was recorded by Dylan in February 1961, and was originally to be consisted of on The Freewheelin" Bob Dylan, but was replace by “A difficult Rain’s Gonna Fall.”


It is a protest song versus Civil Defense, which to be being pushed heavily by the management of john F. Kennedy in the early 1960s together a response to the cultivation nuclear capabilities of the Soviet Union. Civil Defense throughout the Kennedy administration was especially reliant on the breakthrough of fallout shelters (to take shelter for job or weeks at a time from the radiation byproducts that a nuclear attack). The song, in the essence, is an discussion that Dylan would prefer to it is in dead over the ground 보다 alive below it.


New York City in particular was a hotbed of anti-Civil Defense protest in the 1950s and also 1960s, as it to be long considered to be a primary target of any Soviet attack. Polite Defense resisters protested the they did not think that these actions would be adequate, and resented being drafted as combatants into a battle they did no consent to. Dylan’s song is reflective greatly of the latter consideration — that polite Defense is a type of “learning to die” and also not worthy of consideration on the basis.