Similar words:boondocks,goggle,joggle,toggle,boggle,goggles,higgledy-piggledy,doggone.Meaning:n. Work of tiny or no value done just to look at busy. V. Perform useless, wasteful, or trivial work.

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9. By the time the corruption-ridden boondoggle to be completed in 1904, Alexander"s son, Nicholas II, to be technically bankrupt.
11. The senator referred to as the new highways proposal "...a fraud and a boondoggle the the taxpayer must not tolerate".
12. As Congress moves to consider the largest financial bailout in our nation"s background I desire you to know that I will be voting NO ~ above this boondoggle .
13. And, relying on how friend look in ~ it, the FEL is either thebiggest boondoggle in the background of military energy weapons, or the“Holy Grail that lasers.”
14. China’s substantial investment in high-speed rail may be instructive come the unified States, whether for advocates of federal rail invest or doubters who take into consideration bullet trains a boondoggle.
15. Still, it"s most likely the state"s output of public resources for the anti-piracy program can end up a boondoggle if students relocate to encrypted record sharing programs.
17. So, once the corrupt politician desires to hornswoggle the general public with a boondoggle, that usually defines things in gobbledygook.
18. The controversy centers on just how much federal government should control industry and also whether that will influence climate readjust or it is in an expensive boondoggle.
19. China"s substantial investment in high-speed rail may be instructive for the joined States, even if it is for proponents of U. S. Rail investments or critics who consider bullet trains a boondoggle.
20. The best means to make certain that a huge stimulus parcel doesn"t turn right into a commonwealth boondoggle bonanza is for that money to go straight to private citizens and also local governments.
22. "While the previous athletes" village turned out to be a boondoggle, the Olympics spurred building and construction along False Creek that has actually done very well, " said Campbell.

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