We’ve heard stories about people obtaining fired for inappropriate write-ups on social media. However is that what occur to one employee of a stone company in Detroit?

A Detroit man declared he was fired indigenous his task for share a meme on Facebook, and also now his previous employer is emotion the backlash.

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On Oct. 20, Cody Hidalgo shared a meme that showed Elmo ~ above the toilet.

"Boss provides a dollar, ns make a dime. That"s why i poop on agency time," the image says.

"I found the meme on one of my friend"s pages, and I common it," Hidalgo said. "I share things that room funny all the time."

A couple of hours later, the 23-year-old acquired a profanity-laced text blog post from his manager in ~ Roman rock Works.

"We don"t make a dollar when you are s****ing all the time. Why don"t you remain home and do her ****. Ns don"t favor to play her bull**** games, maybe there is a firm out there the will put up v your games because I won"t. Good luck," the post said, in part.

Hidalgo request if he to be fired native the task he had functioned less than 2 months, however didn"t obtain a response.

Hidlalgo then posted a screencap of his boss"s post alongside the meme. That Facebook short article has to be shared much more than 8,000 times.


However, it turns out the Hidalgo wasn"t fired. Follow to Roman stone Works, he returned to job-related two job after share the meme and then walked off the project on his own last Wednesday.

Hidalgo confirms the happened, saying he went in after the message message due to the fact that he wasn"t completely sure he to be fired. However, he quit a couple of days after return to work.

"With the poor blood, i didn"t want to occupational there anymore," he said.

Jan Jeffrey Rubenstein, a lawyer representing Roman rock Works, states the company"s owners have actually been receiving death threats in ~ work and home. They speak the backlash is unfair, specifically when Hidalgo stop on his own.

"Roman Stoneworks and also its owner and also personnel have actually been subjected to far-ranging monetary damage, and also threats, profanity and harassment by phone and email," Rubenstein"s statement read, in part. "Due come the backlash from this false claims, my client"s webpage has had actually to it is in removed, and also the individuals connected have been inundated with calls and also emails."

"I never ever meant for people to blow it up like that or spam their firm or defame your name," Hidalgo explained.

He might delete the post, however believes the "damage is done."

Hidalgo is currently waiting come hear if that will obtain a brand-new job after ~ an interview.

"Watch what girlfriend share sometimes because it can get you in trouble. It have the right to look negative on you," Hidalgo added.

Read the entire statement authorize by Roman stone Works" lawyer below.

"Cody Hidalgo, as a temporary employee of roman Stoneworks, has engaged in a society media project with false insurance claims that room verifiably untrue. This individual was no terminated because of a meme post on on facebook on Sunday, October 20. After the posting of that meme, he operated the following Monday, Tuesday and component of Wednesday. Mr. Hidalgo actually walked turn off the task on Wednesday, October 23 the his very own volition, and over his manager"s objection. Roman inn Stoneworks and its officers wanted to save Mr. Hidalgo in its employed to do his duties. He exit a job in progress and that was just how his employment v Roman Stoneworks actually pertained to an end.

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Unfortunately this individual, that was to work for much less than 2 months, is now seeking to make use of the publicity that this false insurance claim has created. He has actually started a Gofundme web page to effort to capitalize ~ above his newfound exposure. Meanwhile, roman Stoneworks and its owner and personnel have been subjected to far-ranging monetary damage, and also threats, profanity and also harassment by phone and email. As result of the backlash from these false claims, my client"s webpage has had actually to it is in removed, and also the individuals associated have to be inundated through calls and emails.

If Mr. Hidalgo made decision to phone call the truth to every one of the people who have now heard his false claims, climate the matter may be able to be addressed amicably. Unfortunately this walk not appear to it is in the route favored by this individual. Mine clients have needlessly suffered based upon these allegations."