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Shawn and also Cory kick points off v a little bit of meta humor about how they"ve acquired Feeny together their teacher because that every course this year. Yes don"t drink that joke all in one gulp, cuz it"s all we"ve gained for another twenty minutes. The boys proceed right into The Dorm, wherein they mope and also complain around their love lives. Shawn appears pretty miserable and also comments that the vault year was terrible. That"s confusing, since in the finale that season 6, Shawn says to Eric, "I feeling really great about mine life right now." so there"s your lesson folks, personal fulfillment and satisfaction are worth jack as soon as the girl you like doesn"t desire to day you.So we"re currently frustrated with the setup, and also that"s simply Shawn, who"s secondary here. Topanga shows up v the news that her parental officially filed because that divorce that morning, and also things space pretty awkward and tense.

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Those aren"t suspenders, they"re her backpack straps. Even though she take it off she backpack when she come in.The Chubnomenon"s power reaches all the method out come The Dorm today, bring about Angela to display up simply in time. Shawn mentioned previously that the asked Angela to be his girlfriend again somewhere between seasons, and also she hasn"t really provided him response yet, so he"s still kind of wait on that. Topanga explains that she no longer thinks love exists, and then walks out without making any type of sense.

What?! This is fucking ridiculous. No only has Topanga adjusted into a totally different person, she"s taking negative Angela follow me for the ride. "If love exists climate why do civilization hurt each various other all the time?" Where perform you even start to define how fucking stupid the is? A fewsentences from Topanga here have persuaded Angela not to be v Shawn. For crying out loud, top top the perform of a thousand reasons not to day Shawn Hunter, this is the one she listens to? I"m currently exhausted v this.Now, okay, alright, in 7x04 we"re walk to find out that Angela"s mother walked out on her family, i beg your pardon is claimed to justification Angela"s quick boarding the the Topanga crazy Train right here in this episode. Something favor "my mom walked out so I"ll for sure walk the end on you". Yet then why has she never been fear of being v Shawn before?! I"m asking inquiries that don"t have answers, this plot is a disaster, for this reason let"s move on.Cory and Shawn are going to be adhering to the girls approximately forever, therefore they all end up in ~ Brew Lagoon, wherein they discover Jack and Rachel. Maintaining with the theme, Jack and Rachel have damaged up too, however it seems choose they"re still great friends. Jack, by the way, has actually turned right into a copper Adonis in between seasons, and also Rachel"s hair is a tiny longer, which ns think is a nice advancement too. The guys follow the girls outside now, and they are conveniently replaced through Eric, who has actually a vast announcement to share through everyone in The Union.

I like this because, together Eric explains, it symbolizes his initiatives to make alters in his life. There was that point in beforehand season 5 where Eric magically had much shorter hair without any type of comment indigenous anyone, however we"re more than likely not an alleged to remember that. Either way, he sits under to talk v Rachel and also Jack, and this totality scene is standard Eric, yes, really funny stuff. It offers me the stamin to walk on.Outside, Feeny find the warring Corpanga, who easily drag him right into the argument. Feeny offers blatant usual sense to describe to Topanga that she have to only look at herself and also Cory as soon as making decisions about herself and also Cory. Also this insane incarnation that Topanga isn"t crazy enough to argue through Feeny, so she goes off to think about what the said. Don"t acquire your hopes up though.

Ahhh, at long last, the (I think) only instance of the Eric speak to from Feeny. Awesome.Eric defines his haircutting metamorphosis, and also the reality that he"s been sleeping in Feeny"s vehicle at night due to the fact that he acquired kicked out of the apartment. Eric believes that he have the right to move back in v Jack and also Rachel now that they"ve damaged up, and also thus won"t be resting in Feeny"s auto anymore. Again, classic Eric, really funny.At home, we"re seeing something pretty rare, a Morgan plot thread. I don"t think we"ve seen one of these since Alexandra Nechita. Although, it"s yes, really a joint-venture between her and also Alan. Anyway, she"s obtained her very first date tonight, v a boy in the 8th grade. This is just one of the most overdone sitcom stories ever, whereby dad"s gift overprotective the his little girl.
Apparently Morgan is in the 7th grade now, which means it"s time come investigate. Okay I couldn"t come up with anything, however there"s gotta it is in a minute somewhere in the first two seasons where Amy or Alan or Morgan mentions exactly how old Morgan is or what class she"s in. I"m curious if she follows the very same time skipping as Cory and Shawn, or if she ages linearly like Eric (who turns 16 in season 1 and graduates in ~ the finish of season 3). I"m suspect it"s the latter. First grade in season 1 sounds around right.Topanga and Angela come at The Dorm to offer their verdicts on every this bull shit. Spoiler, their verdicts are bull shit too.
This is fucking ridiculous! his is the very same girl from lengthy Walk come Pittsburgh? from Starry Night? that DOESN"T MAKE any type of SENSEEEEEEEEE.AHHHHHHHHH!MY HEAAAAAAAAAD AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
So, what, is she simply never gonna day again? It"s totally incomprehensible. And Angela tells Shawn they can"t be with each other either, obviously. Ugh. This is the 2nd time Topanga has damaged up v Cory. The second time. And they had a common breakup in season 3. It IS TIME TO relocate ON CORY. Everyone who deserve to break your heart so flippantly is no worth hanging on to.The boys shot to console one another, and reason the end that the girls are probably moving the end of the dorm to get away native them. Indeed they are, together Eric and Jack discover out in ~ The Apartment, whereby Rachel has actually invited Topangela to relocate in.
There was one-sentence exchange at Brew Lagoon in that early on scene in between Jack and Rachel the may have actually POSSIBLY include a desire to maybe readjust their living arrangement, but Rachel absolutely took that method too far. Like how the fuck can a rational human being not examine with Jack to make sure he was moving out? This provides me angry.It cuts over come The home where it"s ultimately time because that Morgan"s date. She"s put on something she calls a "tankini", a mix the a tanktop and also bikini top, and also even ns think this one"s a small too lot for a 13 year old"s first date. The young arrives at the door and Amy bring him right into the kitchen. He"s got that 90"s-as-fuck spiky gelled hair. We discover that it"s the boy"s very first date, which renders everyone a little an ext comfortable, and Morgan manages to make it the end of the residence in she "tankini".
A group-effort-guilt-trip wake up at The Apartment, and Jack"s a huge pushover once Rachel"s involved, so currently he and Eric room stuck through nowhere to live. Eric is still hilarious though.Cory sees his parents conveniently resolve their fight around Morgan dating, and "realizes" the Topanga"s parents have the right to resolve their difficulties if they merely remember that they love every other. And also who far better to remind them 보다 the Cory and also Shawn Dream Team.
During the credits, Jack and also Eric are displayed having dinner in the backseat the Feeny"s car. It"s worth a great chuckle.Plot: 0 - PbbbbthhhhhhhCharacter Development: 0.25 - Alan accepting his daughter"s growing up is worth some points, i guess.Humor: 1.0 - Eric was good throughout, and Cory had a most funny moment too, even though i didn"t really point out them.Life Lesson: 0 - God dammit, Topanga.

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1.25 out of 4.0. This is only the beginning. We"ve got one more three or 4 episodes that this frustration. Hope Eric will be continuously funny. That"s around all we have to look forward to right now.