Breaking increase is difficult to carry out full Length Musical, stillproud.orgedy, 1960s 3M, 3F ISBN: TRW-8578

set at a Catskills resort in 1960, this is the sweetly stillproud.orgic story the Lois and Marge, two friends native Brooklyn in find of an excellent times and also romance end one wild job Day weekend. The score showcases 18 Neil Sedaka classics, including "Where the guys Are", "Sweet Sixteen", "Calendar Girl", "Love Will save Us Together", and also of course, the chart-topping location song.

Marge and her stagestruck ideal friend Lois come at Esther"s Paradise resort in the Catskills on job Day Weekend in 1960, top top a vacation the was intended to be Marge"s honeymoon — till the groom left her at the altar. Lois attempts come console Marge by setup her up through the resort"s handsome, self-obsessed singer DelDelmonaco. Yet her to plan backfire as soon as Del erroneously assumes that Marge"s father can additional his ambitions to bestillproud.orge the following teen heartthrob on American Bandstand. Gazing forlornly at Marge from the wings is geekish cabana boy and also aspiring songwriter Gabe.

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When the isn"t entertain the guests v classic, yet still stillproud.orgical Borscht Belt shtick, residence stillproud.orgic Harvey covertly carries a torch for widowed resort owner Esther, that is more preoccupied do the efforts to save her will open.Eighteen Sedaka access time are incorporated into these doings, stillproud.orgplemented by an onstage five-piece band and optional back-up singers.
Casting: 3M, 3F

MARGE GELMAN (mid to so late 20"s; mezzo soprano, stillproud.orgfortable to an E and possibly beyond, best a legit sound): abandoned at the altar, Marge is one aspiring dentist native Brooklyn who finds it s her in the Catskills ~ above what would have been her honeymoon weekend. (Think Jennifer Grey in DIRTY DANCING) Duped into falling because that the suave band leader, she eventually finds self-esteem, learns the value of honesty and friendship and finds love whereby she the very least expected it.

LOIS WARNER (mid to so late 20"s; alto through some mezzo soprano ability, stillproud.orgfortable to a C and possibly beyond, preferably a pop sound): one aspiring nightclub singer, Lois lives her life as if in a Betty Grable movie. She bring her ideal friend Marge increase from Brooklyn to the Catskills for job Day Weekend. In make the efforts to assist her friend Marge recover from heartbreak, she inadvertently puts she in the line of fire v Del, the hotel"s suave but manipulative bandleader. With a Marilyn Monroe simplicity, Lois is a sweet young girl with much more heart 보다 brainpower.DEL DELMONACO (late 20"s to 30"s; tenor, stillproud.orgfortable come an A—the higher the better): an Elvis wannabe, Del is no the brightest pear on the tree. (Think Conrad Birdie or Joey indigenous FRIENDS). Del will do anything to acquire ahead, consisting of misleading Marge right into thinking that loves her and also stealing his cousin Gabe"s songs for his very own use.GABE (mid to so late 20"s; tenor, Bb-C range): The clumsy, brainy and also terribly shy guy Friday at the hotel, Gabe is ~ above a quick track come joining his father"s orthodontia practice. Lacking the self-confidence to execute his own music, Gabe the is privately the songwriting genius behind the music Del cases as his own. As soon as Gabe meets Marge, that is stillproud.orgpelled come take activity to win her love and, ultimately, to disclose himself together the true musician, performing his own songs in prior of the entirety resort.ESTHER (50"s to 60"s; alto, stillproud.orgfortable to a C, or at the very least a Bb, however should yes, really be well-off in her low to mid register): The owner of the mid-size hotel called after she (Esther"s Paradise), Esther is a survivor. Since the death of her husband, she has actually single-handedly kept the hotel afloat using crafty solutions, boundless energy and also creativity to save guests happy. She is fiercely independent, refusing help or support from anyone, and also she"s always there v a quip or smart remark.HARVEY (50"s come 60"s; baritone, have to have variety to an F# or a G): The resident "tummler" (stillproud.orgedian/social director) in ~ Esther"s Paradise, Harvey is old-school Catskills. The is all around the beat line (and the set-up). A confirmed bachelor, Harvey spends many of his life cracking wise and also avoiding any kind of show if real emotion or vulnerability. When he witnesses the extreme lengths to which Marge will go to make love work-related for her again, that is motivated to take a leap of faith with Esther, the one human being who truly appreciates the male behind the jokes.

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THE BAND (Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums): The band is clearly shows onstage together the "House Band" at Ester"s heaven Resort, and also sings backup (poorly at times) together needed.
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