This is a overview to the Shrine Quest, Secret of the Cedars, in Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Right here you can discover the quest walkthrough, whereby to begin Secret of the Cedars and also all quest rewards.

How to Start secret of the Cedars

Secret of the Cedars Location

search Giver place
Hateno Village

Secret of the Cedars Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk to Clavia
Head come the three Cedar Trees
Activate Shrine
Talk come Clavia
Talk to Clavia in Hateno Village. She deserve to be discovered at the docks, east of Kochi Dye Shop. nearby shrine: Myahm Agana Shrine

Head come the 3 Cedar Trees


Head to the 3 Cedar Trees
Head up to the mountain with the 3 cedar trees. Heat up the trees and walk in the direction eastward towards Afromisa Coast. before you start trekking your means to the shrine, prepare part food or elixirs that provides Cold Resistance. You can also eqiup the Snowquill Armor to protect yourself from the cold.

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Map Location
You can likewise head to the Shrine ar without complying with the cedar trees. Girlfriend can uncover it north of Walnot Mountain.

Activate the Shrine


Break the Rubble
Use the Bomb Rune to ruin the rubble covering the cave. Go inside and activate the shrine to complete the quest.

Secret that the Cedars quest Rewards

Complete the shrine pursuit to unlock the Tahno O"ah Shrine.

Adventure log Entries

This is a complete list of the Adventure log in entries for mystery of the Cedars.

entrance Entry message
Quest Start There is one old legend about the 3 cedar trees on the snowy hill visible native Hateno Village. "When the 3 summit trees come to be one, revolve your earlier to them and also head towards the sea. A trial encased in rock awaits friend there."
Quest Clear "When the 3 summit trees end up being one, rotate your ago to them and also head in the direction of the sea. A psychological encased in stone awaits friend there."You resolved the riddle of the three cedar trees and discovered the hero"s trial.

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Secret that the Cedars Walkthrough

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