The woman, who is now in her 50s, claims that after ~ the star provided her lot of glasses the champagne, he moved her under on the bed in ~ his hotel suite in the 1970s

A British pop star is alleged to have actually raped a 14-year-old girl after his bodyguard plucked the teenager native the front row of his concert.

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The woman states she was plied through champagne through the singer that then pinned her down and attacked her in his hotel suite in the 1970s in one ordeal the ‘affected whole life’.

The alleged victim claims she was invited to the star’s hotel after being preferred from the group by his bodyguard.

She says she was left spanned in bruises following the alleged assault which has actually left she struggling to have relationships through men.

The girl was attending the concert through a 13-year-old girlfriend after being given complimentary tickets, according toThe Sun.

They are claimed to have actually hoped for the solo star’s autograph but the ‘naive’ 14-year-old was separated from she friend and taken come the performer’s hotel room.

A comedian, a female friend of the artist and also a backing singer were claimed to have actually been wait in the suite.

The star climate allegedly appeared wearing a quick white robe before posing for photos with the girl while putting his arm approximately her waist.

The woman, that is now in her 50s, said The sun that after ~ the star provided her many glasses that champagne, he moved her down on the bed.


She said: ‘His gown to be off. I was attract a jumpsuit. That zipped it down and also what had started as ­affectionate and also safe, almost, to be suddenly ending up being painful and also forceful, not comfortable.

‘I to be confused and also couldn’t understand where the pain to be coming from.’

Police have launched one investigation right into the claims and also met v the mrs last week, it has actually been reported.

She is said to have actually initially do the cases in 2013 come the urban Police – but since the alleged offence happened abroad it was out of the jurisdiction of detectives.

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But now a brand-new prosecutor and also investigating officer have actually been assigned come the situation despite a probe gift opened and quickly to reduce in respectable 2014.

A spokesman because that Scotland garden said: ‘This office can confirm one investigation has been conducted about a rape situation reported throughout 2014. That is tho under investigation.’