(Photo credit: Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions) by Jim Dower: After all the controversy about the weights, Adrien Broner (30-1, 22 KOs) properly made load on Friday in ~ the weigh-in with previous IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter (25-1-1, 16 KOs). Broner weighed in in ~ 143.5 pounds and also looked good. Porter came in slightly more heavier at 144 pounds.

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Broner and also Porter stood and also talked trash v one one more during the rigid down.

The two fighters will certainly be facing each other on Saturday, June 20th in ~ the MGM grand in ras Vegas, Nevada. The fight will be televised on Premier Boxing champion on NBC.

There won’t be a second weigh-in for the struggle on Saturday. Apparently, there wasn’t anything in the contract that proclaimed that the 2 fighters have to come in at 154 because that a rehydration limit the following day. That’s definitely good news for Porter, because he have the right to now rehydrate to everything weight he wants. The only question is walk Porter take it off much more weight 보다 necessary during training camp due to him thinking that he had to make the 154lb limit on Saturday.

Porter has made it no secret that the plans on going ~ Broner indigenous the first bell ~ above Saturday and also looking come overwhelm him with punches in the same means that Marcos Maidana did in 2013. If Broner doesn’t have a plan to negate that style of fighting, such as moving, hold or throw shots in between, he could be in for another beat down like the one he received from Maidana. Porter is going come be following Maidana’s blueprint in exactly how to to win Broner. In Broner’s recent fights versus John Molina, Emmanuel Taylor and also Carlos Molina, the doesn’t look like he’s boosted much native the Maidana fight. Broner is quiet pretty much the same fighter that Maidana beat. The only difference is that Broner has been fighting lesser guys due to the fact that then.

Porter’s dad/trainer states that Shawn will certainly rehydrate just 12 come 15 pounds end the welterweight limit, therefore we’re most likely looking at him coming right into the ring approximately 160 top top Saturday night. Broner had troubles with Maidana when he rehydrated come 165 for your fight in 2013. If Porter deserve to fight Broner just like Maidana did, we could see a young upset. Broner is the favorite in the fight, but Porter has actually the layout to beat that if he’s able to acquire his shots off and nullify the most likely holding that Broner will be using.

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