Democratic leaders have repeatedly displayed themselves to it is in recklessly irresponsible as soon as it pertains to national security. The instance of Imran Awan illustrates that the pattern of danger incompetence is particularly true of their strategy to cybersecurity.

The summer that 2017 witnessed the arrest that disgraced previous House it worker Imran Awan in ~ Washington Dulles international Airport together he was headed because that a Pakistan-bound flight. Authorities had been scrutinizing Awan ~ he accused committed financial institution fraud and transferred $283,000 come Pakistan earlier in the year.

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This entirety fiasco began in 2016, a banner year because that Democrats making disastrous decisions. A full of 44 residence Democrats, including then-DNC chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Deborah (Debbie) Wasserman SchultzOn The Money — presented by Wells Fargo — Democrats breakthrough tax arrangement through hurdles Florida Democrat says vaccines, masks are vital to small-business restore DNC members flourish frustrated over raising White house influence more (D-Fla.), chose to exempt Pakistani the aides from completing background check urged through the mutual Employee Handbook.


According to congressional documents, the home Democrats clownishly exploited a loophole in hiring actions that exempts potential rental from background check if an additional member of congress vouches for them. This enabled individuals through questionable backgrounds, such together Imran Awan and also his brothers, Abid Awan and also Jamal Awan, into the ranking of the house of representatives staff.

Those that aides later made unauthorized accessibility to congressional data. A house Inspector basic report discovered the workers used the many passwords they had actually to log right into multiple representatives’ gadgets under the representatives’ very own usernames, countless of who they didn’t even work because that directly. They used the devices to download data turn off the home network and also proceeded to cover their tracks as finest as lock could.

The home Inspector general concluded that this might all have been avoided if lift checks had been initiated. Even after discovering of the team’s nefarious activities, Wasserman Schultz still chose to keep Imran Awan top top staff.

These startling revelations need to outrage both Democrats and also Republicans alike.

The Democrats’ careless and also negligent hiring and also password management practices proves one thing: job-related competence alone does no guarantee security. Over there is too lot sensitive info at stake, and also too many parties want to usage that information to reason damage (and will certainly pay fine for access to it). This way that every precaution, no matter just how time-consuming or tedious, should be taken. This includes, however is not limited to, comprehensive background and belief check coupled v adapting anti-subterfuge protection practices.

Background checks have to be a given, because an individual circumstances can play a huge role in a person’s course of action. The Awan household circus is on the extreme end of background inspect stories, and they nonetheless gained access to a wealth of info that much more than a few folks would carry out anything come have. Why? since Democratic leadership chose to take it the easy way out. This is reprehensible.

When it pertains to password management, the very same principle applies: go the extra mile and also take the time and also effort required to safeguard your devices, data, networks, and yourself. Create strong passwords that are at the very least 12 characters. Usage a variety of capital letters, small letter letters, numbers, and also symbols. Execute not save using the same password everywhere. Change passwords regularly, ideally at the very least every 3 to six months.

Especially essential in the culture of Washington, D.C., thoughtful alignment is crucially imperative for IT and also cybersecurity workers handling highly perceptible data and devices. This is specifically true because that VIP individuals and also elite organizations such as legislation firms, lobbying firms, political action committees, and advocacy organizations. You require tech people and also companies who room loyal to your cause and who carry out you through top-tier services because they want your efforts to success in the general public arena.

There will always be obstacles to rectal integrity and security. Perform yourself a favor and also learn from the Democrats’ poor example together a cautionary tale. Always go the extra mile because that security and hiring, never take shortcuts, and surround yourself with civilization who fundamentally agree through your mission.

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Jeremy Cerone is the co-founder and CEO of EliteSafe, a data and machine cybersecurity firm specializing in defense for conservative groups and leaders.