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Fifteen year Later, Casino Royale’s $1 Beer promo Ends, now $2

A 15-year-long casino promotion at Casino Royale is comes to an end.

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The strip casino claims it’s sold more than seven million bottles of Michelob for $1. All great things must involved an end, and also that contains this ridiculously great deal.

The good news is Casino Royale will currently serve that exact same bottle of beer for (wait because that it) $2.


Casino Royale might be little in size, but it’s big on value.

While we have never personally had actually a beer (no, really), this, too, seems favor a ridiculously great deal.

On its on facebook page, Casino Royale shared, “We will certainly still enjoy providing everyone through the lowest-priced drink on The Strip and look front to see you soon.”

The “lowest-priced drinks on The Strip” part is up for debate. For example, phase Door has $1 PBRs and Flamingo’s happy hour (5:00 p.m. Come 6:00 p.m.) features 5-cent beer.

Casino Royale and its beer promotion are a throwback to a different era in las Vegas whereby low prices were enticements to obtain gamblers through the doors, quite than rewards for player loyalty.


Strip location, downtown vibe. Feel totally free to usage that in your ads, Casino Royale.

The price of a party of beer because that a casino is about a buck, therefore while a $1 bottle isn’t a loss-leader, it’s break-even, with gambling revenue acquisition up the slack.

Fifteen years to be a lengthy run in casino promotion years, and couple of would begrudge Casino Royale a price convey after 7 million beers.

It’s worth noting Casino Royale is on an ever-shorter perform of strip casinos with free parking, for this reason we’ll offer them a pass on the beer promotion price bump.

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19 think on “Fifteen years Later, Casino Royale’s $1 Beer promo Ends, now $2”

Manybar Goatfish November 22, 2017 at 4:45 am

Looking in ~ the empty beer bottles scattered approximately my trailer in ~ this very moment, 7+ million bottles of beer over 15 year doesn’t seem favor that much.

Photoncounter November 22, 2017 at 10:47 am

You have to be one of those 1% people and also live in a dual wide. Golden!

Matt November 22, 2017 at 11:46 am

It’s about 1200 + beers every day

FYMYAWF November 22, 2017 in ~ 2:21 pm

Gawd that photograph you mutual in your post. The CR is such an anachronism on the strip now, the looks therefore dated and like it’s from one more world surrounded by all the contemporary resorts. Wonder how much much longer it have the right to hang on.

BTW a $2 crap beer is still a crap beer.

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Gaz November 26, 2017 at 6:28 am

It hangs on due to the fact that it’s not choose every other location on the strip. When Barbary Coast/Bill’s little the dust, CR was standing alone. It’s constantly packed – they must be law something right.