Being in a friends with benefits instance can sometimes be a predicament -- and might also drive one participant in the unlabeled relationship to end up being a Catfish. And also that"s exactly what unfolded during tonight"s brand-new episode featuring Brandon and also "McKenna" -- who was in reality the 18-year-old"s on-again off-again hookup buddy Kharece.

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But prior to we dive into the aforementioned complex and all-too-common status among folks these days, let"s evaluate this cyber tale. The building and construction worker contacted Nev and also guest co-host Karrueche Tran because he believed he met the perfect girl -- and even despite Brandon and also McKenna had only recognized each various other for a few months (they struck increase a conversation ~ above Kik), they began exchanging "I love yous."


However, once McKenna withstood talking on the phone call or using videochat, the Washington native ended up being a bit leery of this too-good-to-be true scenario. McKenna also claimed come live in Florida, so conference in human was no an option. But odd situations aside, Brandon was thankful for McKenna because she helped him get over a previous relationship.


After Brandon provided Nev and also Karrueche the lowdown, the two gained down to company to try to find out the truth around McKenna. And also it didn"t take also long: castle realized the the photographs the were being provided belonged come a girl who lived in Spain. However that wasn"t all: The phone number that Brendan had actually for McKenna to be apparently created in an application -- therefore that supposed the secret girl didn"t necessarily live throughout the country.

"It could be someone he knows," Nev stated, in foreshadowing fashion.

When Nev and also Karrueche provided Brendan the news about the fake images, he was visibly crushed. However, the trio had bigger issues: phone call calls to McKenna walk unanswered. No hope for an ext clues, Nev tried using a website that functions a society media username database. V the assist of this find engine, he found an active Twitter profile that was attached to the aforementioned Kik account. Cue opening a can of worms: top top this feed, there to be a screengrab from a Snapchat story i m sorry featured Brandon posing with a random girl.


Brandon easily confirmed the the lady in this photograph was his ex-girlfriend -- and he was fairly stunned about the connection in between his ex and also this Twitter profile. However some tweets about Harry styles actually offered away that McKenna was actually Kharece (a die-hard 1D fan). Brendan elaborated the Kharece had been in love with him because that a while, yet he was rapid to state that she was no his type. He likewise explained that she would display up all of sudden at his house, and also the last time they saw each various other was the weekend prior. However that was just the reminder of the iceberg.

"We had a friends v benefits kind of thing here and also there," Brandon reluctantly admitted, more explaining that it emerged during high school. And the ex-girlfriend in the pic? that was Kharece"s finest friend -- and Brandon determined to be with her over Kharece.


Kharece -- that Brandon texted to come end to his home -- confirmed (without any type of hesitation) the she to be in truth McKenna. Her reasoning behind this transform ego: She did not think the their interaction would go this far, and also she even insisted that she did not lie come him (besides the moniker and also her hometown).

"Didn"t you autumn in love with McKenna -- who happens to it is in me?" Kharece asked.

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"Yeah, however it"s YOU," the replied.


But this is wherein this story and also their previous friends v benefits history becomes tricky: Brandon and also McKenna exchanged the L-word -- however he believed he was telling it come McKenna. On the flip side, this reciprocated statement make Kharece optimistic for a genuine romantic future. When Brandon was every little bit as emotionally invested as Kharece -- and also Kharece do the efforts to stress and anxiety that she and McKenna were closely correlated -- his true feelings because that Kharece made it impossible for him to be v the young woman behind McKenna.

Share your thoughts about this emotionally complicated installment -- and let us know what girlfriend would have done if you to be in this complicated predicament. And also be sure to save watching Catfish on Wednesdays in ~ 10/9c.