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In this ar of the guide you will discover primary sources and also areas to look for primary sources on the subject ofCésarChávez, and also his life and work.

New to primary sources or need a refresher? examine out the following FAQ's:

What is a primary source?Different disciplines have different meanings of primary sources. But, normally speaking, a primary resource is one original record relating to a specific subject, experience, time period, or event.
Material of specific notefor those wishing to learn more about just how The Claremont Colleges community remembersand celebratesCésar Chávez's workinclude the annual César Chávez memorial celebration, inauguratedin the 2000-2001 scholastic year.
Items incorporate photographs the César Chávez and also Juan Chávez, a unified Farm workers flag, and a poster heralding a beat by El Teatro Campesino in ~ the college of California, Berkeley, entitled, "The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa."
Some items of note:Articles about Chávez, a decided from 1969, and also moreDolores Huerta interview transcripts, 1984Jessica Govea dental history, CD July 2, 1976Larry Itliong correspondence and also notes, 1965-1970 & 1971-1977UFW correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, articles, and moreArticles associated to farming strikes and also boycotts

Articles associated with César Chávez's visits to Claremont

Additional materials:

César Chávez plaque,Claremont McKenna college Commemorative Plaques collection

Primary resource accounts: photographs, oral histories, videos, essays and also historical files from the unified Farm Worker Delano Grape Strikers and also the UFW volunteer who functioned with César Chávez to develop his farmworker movement.

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Search Tips:

Searchfor materials relating to labor activists, organizations,and motions in quotation marksExamples:"César Chávez""United Farm employees of America"Limit your find by kind of itemExample:Select sound to find audio recordings and also oral backgrounds

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