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Tonight on NBC your drama Chicago PD returns with and also all new Wednesday, April 5, 2017, season 4 illustration 19 called, “Last Minute Resistance,” and we have actually your Chicago PD recap below. Top top tonight’s Chicago PD episode as every the NBC synopsis, “After encouraging she sister to spend a night out with friends, burgess wakes to find that Nicole never ever made the home. As the guilt starts to eat at Burgess, the team in knowledge bands with each other to do finding Nicole their main priority. ”

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Chicago PD starts tonight v Dt. Kim burgess (Marina Squerciati) waking as much as her nephew asking her whereby her mother, Nicole silver- (Jules Wilcox) is? Kim is pertained to that the is 7 in the morning and also this isn’t favor her; she puts on a front v her niece and tells she to acquire ready and also she will drop her off at school.

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At the precinct, citizen shares through Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick man Flueger) that Nicole isn’t prefer that; that says perhaps she gained lucky after ~ a 10 year marriage with a miserable prick. Nicole calls burgess saying she was in trouble, but nothing more. She calls her earlier and that keeps going come voicemail.

Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) both an alert something is wrong; he states ping she phone and someone will go look because that her, Ruzek uses to walk look.

Burgess and Ruzek check the train station where the signal was coming from. She find Nicol curled increase on among the benches. Nicole is visibly shaken, citizen asks her if she is okay, she says she was raped. Burgess holds her while Ruzek calls an ambulance once she notices Nicole is losing a the majority of blood.

Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) tells burgess that Nicole’s bowel has actually been perforated, causing all the pain, she admits that whatever she has seen so much is constant with a vicious assault. Nicole states she cannot remember what happened to her and Dr. Manning says they don’t have actually time come wait.

Atwater bring the rest of the team up to day on what taken place to Nicole. Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) shares the Nicole is going with a nasty divorce and also custody battle with she ex, but tells Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) after the asks if lock looked in ~ the husband, the Jordan silver- is paris in native Pittsburgh best now.

Burgess arrives ago at the knowledge Unit, where she educates the team that her sister was sodomized, it is why there to be so lot blood. Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) shares the tox report, she didn’t drink sufficient to be knocked out however she had sufficient Ketamine in her system to knock out a horse.

Voight orders lock to obtain the name of all the females at the party, uncover the bars lock hit. Citizen thanks Voight for acquisition the case, he says, “An attack on her family, is an assault on our family.”

Burgess and also Olinsky visit Jasmine, informing her that Nicole to be sexually attack the ahead night and ask her to go them with the totality night. She remembers there to be a creepy guy, who maintained staring at Nicole, yet she deserve to only explain him as white and wearing a hat. She went house from the restaurant while the other 5 women went top top to an additional bar.

Ruzek and Atwater go to the 2nd bar, informing the bartender to offer Nicole’s photo a second look. He says the 5 women came alone however Nicole was trying to gain away indigenous a man, the calls his bouncer over. They clock the video, Hector, the bouncer, points that out once he request the male to leave he punched Hector in the face; Ruzek claims they will require all your tapes.

Atwater speak everyone the the man’s surname is Arlen Pfister (Ned Bellamy). He has a couple priors for residential abuse and beat a man into a coma in a roadway rage incident. Jasmine and also the bartender established the guy as the one adhering to Nicole, 3 of the 4 women confirmed it to be an older guy wearing a hat; but they were unable to get a organize of Denise.

Voight tells them to call the State’s lawyer to obtain a “sneak and peek” warrant; lock don’t want the Arlen to know they room on come him. The unit arrives at Arlen’s residence; before they can even go within his house, the comes the end swinging v a baseball bat at Atwater and also Ruzek.

When they gain him on the ground, he states he didn’t understand they were police, he believed they were trying to plunder him. They find the residence where Halstead find a room through photos that Nicole top top the wall. Voight confronts the in interrogation around following Nicole because that the past 2 weeks.

He is a little bit cocky speak its not illegal to take it photographs; Voight speak him the the sexual attack is a class 1 felony and it looks choose he is obsessed through her. The admits he was hired by she estranged husband to destruction up dust on her. Halstead claims he no buy it but when Arlen mirrors them a photo of the two women sit at the bar, Halstead asks to watch Voight in the hall.

Halstead reflects him the photo, saying the just one who remained with Nicole late was Denise and she’s the just one they can not reach. Erin and also Atwater speak to Eric, who claims he to know something bad happened due to the fact that she has left her dog alone too long and he is like a son to her.

He reflects them a video message of Denise and Nicole, roughly 1:30 a.m. Speak they space going to a party in Wicker Park and will be house right after. He claims Denise never ever came home.

Halstead updates everyone saying lock may have a second assault victim. Ruzek reveals ~ Jinx they checked out Thirsty Raven, where they go the video clip message in ~ 1:42am. ~ above the video, over there is a vehicle and also someone motioning castle to acquire inside, but it isn’t Arlen, together his alibi checks out.

Voight says to put a lacking person’s report ~ above Denise and also contact DMV to obtain a perform of all black Audi Q7s in the region and run it versus known sex offenders. He says Nicole to be attacked and left for dead, they have the right to only expect her friend is still the end there.

Atwater states there is a ping turn off Denise’s cellphone, it is strong and not moving; they space told come hit it. Unfortunately Ruzek and Atwater uncover her call in a dumpster with no authorize of Denise.

Nicole starts to tell her sister about what she remembers. She claims there were 2 males in your 20s or early 30s, one was blond the other had dark hair; they invite them come a party; the one point she distinctly remembers is every these balloons. She says its prefer a nightmare she can’t remember.

She wakes up sick and there were sparks in the sky, comes from the train; Denise to be screaming, the is what woke her up. Nicole states she couldn’t move, yet Denise ran away and insists burgess speak come Denise. She tells Nicole that Denise is missing, and also they can’t find her. Nicole calls it s her stupid and also Burgess says she no stupid, she to be drugged and also assaulted!

The IU walk over what lock have, Halstead talks around the train sparks and a clues close to where they found her sister, has a spot choose that. Erin has 18 auto owners and also one to be accused the aggravated rape last year, Rex Goldwin.

Ruzek claims he is the man who teaches various other guys exactly how to acquire laid. He has actually the very same MO as the guy they are looking for now. Voight desires them to destruction up whatever they have the right to on him and he wants to pay him a visit.

Voight arrives at among his seminars and also hears that telling guys that “NO” doesn’t median the game is over, it method the video game has started and his regime will break a women’s resistance and also bring she to a preferred state that consent.

He takes a break and also meets through Voight, who starts the conversation as guy to man, yet it easily becomes one interrogation the sorts. Rex easily offers his keys to Voight, and when he mirrors him the picture of Nicole and Denise, he claims he isn’t right into cougars. Voight asks for a pamphlet, thanks him and also leaves.

Burgess returns to the precinct through no luck, Nicole couldn’t pick Rex Goldwin, since she can not remember any type of of the faces. Halstead reflects there were calls native the train station around a distraught woman wandering roughly at 3:22 in the morning, when patrol arrived she was currently gone, over there isn’t a most surveillance in the area since it is every warehouses, however there was one camera that caught Denise wandering, however that is the last shot that her.

They start to search the area she to be last checked out at a scrap yard, Erin finds her dead body, under a blue tarp in between a pair of cars.

The ME notifies the IU that Denise Miranda was no sexually assaulted, there space no defense wounds yet like Nicole, alcohol was found in she blood and high level of Ketamine; she died from hypothermia, the Ketamine knocked her out and also she merely froze to death.

Erin shares that she has been reading blogs around this; it all ties into Rex Goodwin. Many women disclose they have been victimized too, required to apartments, drugged, their phones disappear and also after they room sexually struck they get dumped at subway stations.

Erin to trust Goldwin might not bein directly involved but he has actually taught an army of men how to do this at his seminar. Voight believes her, the these men are complying with what Goldwin has taught them. Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) comes up to tell citizen that Nicole’s husband, Jordan has actually arrived.

Burgess literally strikes Jordan as soon as she look at him, she is an extremely angry that he rental a PI to see if Nicole was having actually an affair. He proceeds to say the Nicole no a saint, look what occurred to she last night, going to bars; he insurance claims no mom would put herself in the position.

Burgess orders that to get out, and when he says he is acquisition his daughter, she says Zoe is staying with her and she has 85 cops in this structure who have actually her back. She storms earlier upstairs as the officers prevent the from coming after her.

Ruzek and Atwater went v the forums from Goldwin’s seminars. Ruzek says a many it looks choose bluffing however there is one man who brags around being in ~ the Thirsty Raven in ~ closing time, cougars to run wild, pulled a drunk one, dragged it back and took she anal virginity. Lock all feeling he is talking around Nicole. Voight tells them to obtain a warrant and also find this guy.

Erin and Halstead arrive to check out a guy named Harry, she notifies him they space Chicago PD and also they need to talk. He says they deserve to leave a card and also he will certainly get back to them; when Halstead asks if this is how he really desires to beat this? Harry claims he walk to law school and knows his rights, and also returns to his phone call.

Halstead take away his badge and also calls for the attention of everyone in the room, questioning if they were out v “manslut” critical night. Harry ultimately hangs increase the phone and agrees to speak come them. He acknowledges that he met Nicole and Denise critical night, however he only acquired as far as supplying to buy castle a drink. He says he to be at the bar with his personal instructors named Keith Tasker (Thomas E. Sullivan) and also Andrew Latimer (Brian Muller) and also they will certainly be at the Thirsty raven tonight.

Anna Valdez (Monica Barbaro) arrives, and also Voight say the states Attorney’s office is approximately speed. She admits the whole situation turns her stomach however with alcohol involved, its difficult to prove. Anna looks in ~ Voight, he speak Erin come ask Platt for a female officer to walk undercover through her asking the team come prepare for tonight.

Burgess wants to be through Erin undercover; the protests however she states just because Nicole is her family members doesn’t average she can’t execute her job. The tells her to walk home and get changed.

Voight preps them in ~ the critical moment, speak they must not take a sip that anything, they cannot arrest them till they overcome the heat of consent. Burgess chooses the for sure word of “Bluebell” together its her sister’s favorite ice cream cream. Platt provides them lipstick tools as earlier up.

Atwater is in ~ the door as bouncer and also Keith and Andrew have actually just arrived, Ruzek and Halstead room drinking and preventing them native connecting with any kind of other women. At last call, castle leave through the 2 men, who bring them to an apartment they insurance claim to it is in sharing v friends.

As they get comfortable, the males take away your phones and also offer Erin and also Burgess a drink. Citizen takes the drink, Ruzek gets upset yet Voight holds him back, informing him come wait on his order. Burgess asks for the bathroom, yet walks into the room filled v balloon wallpaper.

One that the men follow her into the room, locks the door. She tells him no and also she doesn’t want this. He grabs her anyways. She get in she pocket and grabs the lipstick knife and stabs the in the shoulder.

Erin has actually arrested the man with her in the life room, when Olinksy and Ruzek barge into her room, castle watch together she proceeds to to win the man. Voight watches indigenous the doorway. Olinsky bring away Burgess, who says she needs to go to Chicago Med to get her stomach pumped. Ruzek stares in ~ the bloody guy.

In the interrogation room, Keith Tasker tells Olinsky and Voight the is going to sue them because that being stomped through a police officer. The then says they were both drugged and also drunk, and also just due to the fact that she regrets the rough sex doesn’t make it rape. The then states he wants a lawyer.

Andrew Latimer feels they did nothing wrong v Nicole and Denise. He claimed taking their phones was a joke. He to be drunk yet didn’t hurt anybody. He claims he offered them Kamikaze, and also women prefer them. Erin asks if the ladies asked to it is in drugged? He claims the women came earlier with them come party and also wants to know what is going on.

Halstead tells him Nicole to be raped, he instantly puts the reprimand on Tasker, speak he no touch either among them and also all the did was journey her home. Halstead request if that was sure he drove her home. He tells them they to be going to drove Denise turn off at the train however she jumped out of the car.

Halstead educates him Denise is dead. Erin says that he is not only looking at accessory come rape, that is looking at murder. Andrew claims he didn’t execute anything; Erin gets upset screaming in ~ him after the said, “She wanted…”

She yells, “She wanted what? She wanted to be kidnapped, She wanted to be drugged without she knowledge. What she want was to gain away from you so badly the she died!” Halstead pulls Erin far from him. He claims it was just supposed to it is in fun.

Nicole is shocked to watch her sister in a wheelchair and also in a hospital gown too. Citizen says the a really lengthy story, yet they obtained the males who assaulted her; promising they will never hurt anyone else again. Nicole cries asking what she is an alleged to execute now. She asks how she is supposed to take care of she daughter once she is fear to leaving the house? burgess promises to gain her through it. Zoe come in and also hugs she mother.

Rex Goldwin runs right into Voight under a bridge. Voight speak him they have captured 2 more of his disciples, Goldwin claims that has nothing to perform with him. Voight states he teaches men just how to rape; however Goldwin claims he teaches guys to find their power and also apparently these guys took it as well far.

He then claims its how men are wired, to conquer women, that their pet instinct and also that is exactly how their species endures. Voight grabs that in a chokehold. Goldwin calls for help, however Voight says, “This is how I view it, men and also women endure since we treatment for every other. We require each other. Once we check out predators who look for to prey on us, we remove them!”

He drops Goldwin out of the chokehold then grabs the by his shirts warning the if that teaches another rape seminar in his city, that will find him and they will work out it prefer animals.

Burgess pertains to Voight’s office, whereby he wants to recognize what she was reasoning out there; she straight disobeyed him. She claimed they were gaining suspicious and also she essential to carry out something that would ensure no lawyer might save them. She did what she had to do. That praises her, saying she thinks favor a cop who belongs increase there.

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Burgess shares the Nicole had always looked out for her, together a huge sister and now she is every Nicole has and she requirements to action up to take treatment of she now. Voight tells her she have the right to take all the moment she needs. Burgess thanks him and leaves the IU floor.