Chicago PD Season 4 illustration 20 Review: Gasping for Salvation

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Hank, you walk pulling a thread, there"s no informing what all unravels. Quit digging right into this, or, what to be the heat you used to say all the time? oh yeah, "we"re going for a ride."


Voight went because that a ride, yet it didn"t take lengthy for Lindsay and the remainder of his team to show up and rescue him. You can threaten Intelligence, you can pull them off a case, however pretty much nothing is walk to protect against them native seeking justice. 

Especially if that means getting one innocent guy out that prison and also reuniting him with his daughter. 

It was tough to watch Valentine slam that door in Voight"s face, yet at the exact same time, it"s difficult to reprimand him. 

Yeah, Voight obtained him released, but he to be stuck in there for 17 years due to the fact that no one looked closer earlier then. Granted, there wasn"t a factor for Voight to doubt Woods earlier then. 

This new case provided him a reason, and also from the moment Voight met him to talk about the old case, that was noticeable Woods to be hiding something. The male seemed shady from the get-go. 

Voight is no the type to give up when he has a hunch, and also tossing words prefer "insubordination" approximately have no effect on him whatsoever. 

This guy has actually been bending the rules his whole career. He"s not going to protect against now. It may not always be the many lawful methods, however they certain do obtain the job done. 


So, like father like son? 

It"s a little crazy come think about all that had to go under in stimulate for the previous case to it is in re-opened. 

Eric"s father, a medicine addict, maintained the gun. Poor move. 

Eric"s friend is virtually driven to self-destruction over image Richie posted. He just intends come threaten the guy, however of course the trigger gets pulled, Richie is dead, and Eric drops the gun in ~ the crime scene.

They walk a good job that explaining it all in a way that is believable, but man, it to be still a stretch, right? 

If anything had happened differently, even a little detail prefer Eric taking the gun through him, Valentine would still be in jail. 

Even if they captured Eric some various other way, they may never have actually made the connection in between the two cases. 

We have actually to provide the writers some credit for this one. It to be a really well assumed out story. 


I"m a little amazed that the fact that the very first victim"s mom saw a white man and also not a black man in the keep was never ever investigated further, but I assumption: v Woods did a bang up project of convincing she she was seeing things. 

Did the store not have actually surveillance cameras? Was the woman put on the witness stand to testify around what she saw?

Also, how did that shopping receipt not come increase in trial? I recognize Valentine"s daughter said she offered the initial to the various other cop (assuming Woods), but I would have made sure my father"s lawyer had a copy the it. 

As Voight said, it might not have proved anything, yet that together with the mother"s testimony certainly would have actually planted part reasonable doubt in the mental of the jury. 

Sounds to me prefer Valentine should be mad at his crappy lawyer because that his predicament, no Voight. 

Voight: My girlfriend took a bullet to the forehead over $122. You"re lucky they didn"t traction you the end of the- Valentine: Lucky? I"ve to be rotting in here like meat because that 17 years!

It was fun gaining to watch Lindsay in charge. It to be a nice a adjust of speed from Voight. 

When they discovered that lead on Eric ~ they had officially to be taken turn off the case, they every looked to Lindsay to do the call. She looked prefer she to be seriously considering the effects for every of around two seconds before of course sending out the team ~ him. 

They weren"t ready to rotate the case over, not as soon as they to be so close to solving it and getting Voight out of trouble. 

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Lindsay and Halstead room working fine together and keeping it professional, despite no progression being make on what is walking on v their relationship. 

I recognize we"re every still waiting for Jay to acquire this all figured out, not to point out officially get divorced (or maybe all he requirements is an annulment?). 

Chances space they"ll traction it out till the finale, and then leave united state hanging every summer through their relationship troubles tho unresolved. Sigh.