Dance & Music Center"Give castle the opportunity and also we'll provide them the an abilities to last a lifetime"

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Every dancer can prosper in ability, make good friends,

and learnthe strength of a hopeful attitude.

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My daughter has high work autism and also ADHD. She needs help with human body awareness, coordination, balance and also strength. Wearily i asked Deb, the director, if she would be ready to take V. On. She called me that this was not around her ego v presenting the perfect performance but, the opportunity to teach anyone to love to dance to the the ideal of their ability. From the first, the teacher Miranda and her assistant Emily, were wonderful with V. They take it the extra time to make her feeling comfortable and also teach she the methods to carry her up to speed with the class.Their teaching approach to an autistic child has been amazing and the results have actually been miraculous. She is so much an ext graceful and confident. The recital was a specifying moment. Although V. Does well academically, she can not follow 3 instructions in a row. On stage she did a 2 minute routine. Ns was reduced to tears. Ns don't know how they unlocked this capability in mine daughter. If I had actually sent she for job-related therapy she would have been a patient but I sent her to dance Images and also they made she a dancer.

Barbara Dion, Parent

I want to say thanks to you for caring for this reason much around our kids. I recognize is not the usual means that we would certainly love but it does bring a tiny joy to our children. For me is also a great opportunity to get involved in classes with Leah and also make sure she feels that finding out still on even at home.

Again give thanks to you and also may God bless girlfriend for putting everyone’s safety first.

Francheska Montas, Parent

My daughter simply loves Dance images Dance and Music Center! The staff room knowledgeable and caring. She has matured so lot in her technique and performance skills over the last few years. This is only due to the culture of care, and also passion for dance in ~ this studio. Mine daughter calls it she “second home”!

Rebecca Gabryjelski, Parent

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