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This is awkward.

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Four weeks after speak that i was putting out mine last article on XCOM2, its tho going strong, and seems to have actually expanded past what I can have comprehended. Ah well, always forward!

This week, a look at the Sharpshooter class, how I provided it and why I choose what i like.

And remember, spoilers previous here

XCOM guide so far:Pt 1 – acquiring started and FacilitiesPt 2 – Research and also prioritiesSoldiersPt 3 – Grenadiers



Sharpshooters are, in my opinion and also experience, one of the finest units in the game. They space able to transaction a significant amount of damage every revolve with the flexibility to it is in able to use it where and as needed, aiming and on the move, native long variety and in ~ short, they space the pinch hitters of XCOM, choose up the slack wherein others have actually failed.

Where lock excel in handle death, they room remarkably unable to add in other ways, with tiny or no controlling or assistance abilities to speak of. Wherein the sharpshooter goes, death follows. The class, like every other, has two trees. Rifles and also Pistols.

Rank 1 –


Boy, this provides a vast difference. In XCOM 1, Snipers were a burden until they were able to pick up squad sight or snap fire in ~ level 2. Thankfully, XCOM2 made the burden vanish. A solid ability that enables the sharpshooter to wait and also see exactly how the revolve plays out and also then take advantage of his rear place in bespeak to eliminate the greatest threats for next turn. Their aim is usually high sufficient that it isn’t a problem to hit, even with the minor punish it gives. Taking advantage of the Grenadiers capacity to remove cover and also grant the flanking bonus allows the sharpshooters come threaten massive critical hits with their already massive damage guns. One of my favorite abilities in the game. The only real downside is that Squadsight just works on the Sniper Rifle, and also only appears to work in conjunction through a few abilities. All told, though, it is precious the sacrifice.

Rank 2Long watch v. Return Fire

This is a really simple an option for me. Long watch is over and past stronger 보다 return fire. V the Sniper in the back of the squad, making use of squadsight to choose of what stays after the remainder of the squad has actually taken your actions, the capacity to take an overwatch shot from any squad members line of sight have the right to be devastating. This is frequently used when setup up one ambush if taking benefit of a high soil position. Additionally, It detailed a level of defense to my squad if lock finished every little thing off throughout the turn, as I knew that ns would have the ability to take one overwatch shoot from all over the enemy emerged from. For me, location 2 to be all i really needed for my sharpshooters to be effective. Every little thing else was simply icing top top the doomcake.

Rank 3Deadeye v. Lightning Hands

Lightning reflexes, like lengthy Watch prior to it, is the clean winner here. Accuracy is among the vital components come the Sharpshooters kit, and also loosing that consistency in order to obtain a potential little bit of damage just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I took Deadeye on one of my early snipers, and it never ever seemed precious it. The just time I would attempt t was when I was currently sitting in ~ a better than 75% chance to hit, which was a rare sufficient event that i felt the capacity wasn’t worth it. Lightning Hands, though, is always useful. The damage from a pistol in XCOM 2 is no insignificant, and at close selection is an exact weapon. The key here, though, is that the Pistol grants high percentage shots once the enemy is close, wherein the Sniper rifle fails. What renders it the clear and best choice, though, is that it is an activity that bring away no action points or ammo, so it is totally free in every way possible.

you can quickly take two shots v the pistol ~ above the move, or shot with a pistol and also with the sniper rifle while remaining still. This capability to assault two targets permits you the additional benefit of gift able to remove two mobs v a solitary activation, something that is fairly uncommon in the game. Rank 3, unlike some various other classes, has actually the Sharpshooter coming into their own. Anything the gets past the front lines will end up on the receiving end of a storm the gunfire, and also that is plainly not their favorite location to be.

Rank 4Death from over v. Quickdraw

This rank has some pretty disastrous choices. Both abilities space not an especially useful. Quickdraw, though, has much more uses. Fatality from above is an remarkable potential spell, yet it does not work the method I desire it to. I want it to job-related so that every time I killed a person from greater ground I obtained a complimentary shot. Instead, it work like Quickdraw, however only if you kill a person, and also only if the is from greater ground. Instead, I’ll simply take Quickdraw. In those dire, confront to confront circumstances, i can conveniently put out three pistol shots, in ~ one target or many, and also sometimes I have the right to put out two, v the aid of Lightning Hands, and still move back into cover. Neither are advantageous all the time, yet Quickdraw is clearly the the very least not helpful.

Rank 5Kill ar v. Faceoff

Man. The opponents I have laid low v Killzone. This isn’t even close. Rangers through Conceal, battle scanners, scanning Protocol, wits. Anything can really allow a masterful execution that a glorious ambush. Over and over again. Kill zone enabling me to simply lay down whole area of overwatch shots made several of the beforehand ambushes trivial. Through a full magazine, or even an extensive one, i could, and have, taken down the entire pod with a single solider. Integrate this capability with the lengthy Watch, and you have an ability to really gain shots off under the field. I cannot remember the amount of times that I was able to wipe out a whole, or practically a entirety pod merely by utilizing Kill Zone. That is a complete and total victory.

Rank 6Steady hands v. Aim

This is not a choice I look forward to. Both choices are solid enough come consider, corner situation enough come be involved your choose the lesser of the two, and also conditional sufficient that you feel you must know how to usage it. Any of those rest down, and also you’re screwed. My choice, after hemming approximately for a small bit, Was steady hands. This is simple: I often overwatch and also burn through opponents on the enemies turn, and also this is advantageous to the sniper sitting earlier and do the efforts to be cool. Overwatching and not moving absolutely counts for continuing to be still, don’t girlfriend think? being required to Hunker Down, which ns did not perform often sufficient for aim to be a worthwhile, made aim a very difficult sell. I’d regularly not hunker down, yet contribute come the fight. Anyone just had actually their heads removed before I had actually to hunker down. I think that feels fair.

Rank 7 Serial v. Pan Fire

Serial is clearly as good as the gets because that the rifle sharpshooter. Proceeding to death mobs as long as I keep killing them, the upper ceiling is potentially limitless. That does should be set up, and you have to trust the you will certainly not roll very low top top your an initial attack for this reason you can have at the very least one kill. This is additionally just a bonus.I would certainly not shot to collection up a case where the Sharpshooter can kill a entirety slew of enemies, ns would rather kill as many enemies as possible and let Serial play out, regularly pulling you the end of unanticipated turns.

Care and Feeding

Sharpshooter snipers call for little. Grenades are helpful at the beginning of the video game to maintain ammo and also to remove cover indigenous the foe if needed. However, when you’ve reached rank 3, you’re often distant from your squad, for this reason the grenades your able to clear out can not be the best. Their finest armor is typical upgraded armor with three slots, permitting them to have both one Ammo form and a hard vest or a grenade. I choose bluescreen and also AP rounds, similar to both that them i am able to perform massive damage to one of two people armored or robotic enemies. Periodically I favor to upgrade them come the war suit, and launch a blaster bomb once the going gets tough. Keeping them law damage and also alive is mine number one priority, though, for this reason stasis suits are one of my favorite for the sniper class.

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With the construct I use, I tend to prefer the Auto Loader and also Expanded magazine mods, but if ns am feeling specifically aggressive, I’ll simply clip on a repeater. Executing aliens when you’re the very first activation in the ring is glorious.

thats exactly how I trained and used mine snipers. I never ever got around to producing a sharpshooter, i was simply too in love through using the sniping gear. Next up, Specialists!