"There"s no separation, we"re one nation under Him."

Published21 September 2006

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Radio station shunned the Diamond Rio song "In God us Still Trust" since of its spiritual subject matter.

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The lyrics of the Diamond Rio song “In God we Still Trust” (alternately recognized as “Here in America”) might ideal be summarized as an affirmation that the U.S. National motto, “In God us Trust”:

You location your hand ~ above His bible, once you swear to tell the truth.His name is top top our biggest monuments, an’ every our money too.An’ when we pledge allegiance, yes sir no doubt where we stand:There’s no separation, we’re one country under Him.

In God, us still trust below in America;He’s the one we rotate to every time the going it s okay rough.He is the source of every our strength, the one who watches end us.Here in America, in God, we still trust.

Back in 2006, circulated e-mails arourted the concept that “In God we Still Trust” walk not obtain radio airplay due to the fact that its pro-religion-in-America message was deemed too “politically incorrect”:

YOU no HEAR THIS song IN A publicly BROADCAST:

In March, 2005, this tune was performed at a Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate standing ovation, and also continue to execute so every time they carry out it! Sadly, major radio stations i will not ~ play it because it was taken into consideration politically incorrect. Consequently, the track was never released to the public. If this tune speaks to her heart and you desire to re-superstructure it v friends and also loved ones, you re welcome do. Then, nevertheless of our ethnic origin, let us cease being the silent majority and join together. Not as a specific political party, however as Americans!

March of 2005 was the very first time this tune was performed by Diamond Rio at a concert in las Vegas. They obtained an immediate resounding stand ovation, and also continue to carry out so every time they perform it! in ~ the time, my believed was, “Everyone who loves America will be so thrilled to listen this song!” although Diamond Rio has never prior to done a explain song, castle felt compelled to document “In God us Still Trust.” but guess what? Sadly, major radio stations i will not ~ play it since it was thought about politically incorrect. Consequently, the tune was never ever released to the public.

So, America, see what friend think. If this supplying speaks to her heart and also you feeling to share it v friends and also loved ones, please do. Countless of us feel an excellent concern v the activity of a dissident minority to remove God from the confront of America! If lock succeed, the will damage the very principles upon which our nation was founded. Are we going to permit this come happen? What would certainly that it is in like? much more importantly..how would certainly you feel?

Regardless that our ethnic origin, let united state cease being the silent majority and sign up with together. No as a details political party, but as Americans! Let united state voice come the media and also the powers the be exactly how we feel about having God erased from whatever that is sacred to us. If us don’t perform it, that will?

The track you are around to listen to is from a ras Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an instant resounding standing ovation, and also continue to do so every time they do it! Sadly, major radio stations wouldn’t play it since it was considered ‘politically incorrect’. Consequently, the tune was never released to the public. Currently Congress is acquiring involved.

The Dictator Obama, no, no, its president Hitler is saying the is not fit because that release due to the fact that it offends therefore many. For this reason America, watch what girlfriend think … can we say “CENSORSHIP”

If this giving speaks to her heart and you feel you want to share it with friends and also loved ones, please do.

These insurance claims that did no stand as much as scrutiny. In general, because that a tune to receive significant radio play, it demands to be issued as a solitary and come have an extensive promotional backing native the release label. However “In God us Still Trust” evidently satisfied no of those requirements: it wasn’t released at every (in any type of format) till it showed up as one of the four new songs contained on Diamond Rio’s biggest Hits II CD in might 2006, and also even then it was mostly an album track, no a solitary that was being sent out to radio train station and advocated for airplay. The insurance claim that “Major radio stations wouldn’t play it since it was taken into consideration politically incorrect; consequently, the tune was never released to the public” because of this puts the cart prior to the horse: a song typically needs to be released prior to it can receive extensive airplay on major radio stations, not vice-versa.

When “In God us Still Trust” was ultimately released, it had actually to compete for airplay in the wake up of several other similarly-themed song from influential recording artists, such together Toby Keith’s “Courtesy that the Red, White and Blue” and also “American Soldier,” Brooks and Dunn’s “Believe,” Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus take it the Wheel,” and also Brad Paisley’s “When I gain Where i’m Going.” Listeners reportedly didn’t find the Diamond Rio tune distinctive or appealing enough to make it stand the end from a group of kindred songs and also prompt added requests for airplay, so — favor a lot of other music — it quietly faded turn off of radio playlists without having accomplished even minor fight status. Its lack of airplay wasn’t due to “political incorrectness,” however rather to poor timing and also getting shed in the shuffle.

However, “In God we Still Trust” was the subject of a somewhat comparable controversy three years later, in march 2009, as soon as students at a Florida elementary college were rehearsing the tune to execute it as component of an end-of-the year institution assembly. The parental of two students filed a lawsuit against the school board keeping that the school had actually violated their children’s first Amendment rights “by making lock choose in between practicing a ‘proselytizing’ and also ‘sectarian’ country music song or sitting out the entire performance.” A U.S. District Judge issued an injunction against the song’s performance at the institution assembly, although that had currently been dropped native the regimen by then.

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Any tip of a connection in between President Obama and the alleged radio “censorship” the “In God us Still Trust” is fully specious, together Diamond Rio’s recording of the song was released over two and also a half years before Barack Obama took office as President the the unified States.