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“Let me begin this v saying I setup on coming earlier again, and again, and likely again. After my sandwich having lunch plans dropped through, mine boyfriend and also I chose to give up top top those plans and head to cotati come try…” more


“I have to say I'm laughing come myself about some of these negative reviews. Execute these folks eat all over outside the Kenwood? There space plenty that Star and also Denny's restaurants for you to…” more

“ DINERS, Drive-Ins, and also Dives. It was worth the drive. The price. The service. The food. Everything was wonderful. An excellent recommendation.” more

“just experienced your restaurant top top Diners Drive-ins and Dives. All your customers raved about the food! Looking front to trying!!” more

“Nice friendly regional breakfast diner. Food was just ok. The lox with cream cheese was an extremely good” more

“ much longer able to chair anyone. Ns told the hostess our sob story (9 hour drive, just in town one night, this” more

“This diner is my go to location for breakfast when I desire to stimulate in or once I'm acquiring off in ~ 7am” more

“. The bacalaitos come garnished through pico de gallo for some reason, i m sorry is no traditional. But, my diners” more

“I love this casual citizens diner . But I usually have the imposter Burger and also its been replaced” more

“Looks like a date diner from the outside, yet it is an extremely clean and welcoming inside. An excellent food” more

“ affordable and also it seems many enjoy every one of their menu based upon previous reviews. Mine pupusa combo to be diving” more

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“Small diner with "homey" feel and also a couple of great dishes. Ns go here for the country Benedict and also it's” more

“Went to Lincoln path Brewery top top a referral from the owner of Potter's Foothill house. Lincoln's wings space AMAZING. Mine boyfriend and also I obtained their inhouse blonde ale and…” more