Beating the Aetera in Divinity initial Sin 2"s second act can be a brutal challenge, however this overview has every the advice you have to make it easier.

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together players soon experience in Divinity: initial Sin 2, Larian Studios fleshes out Original Sin"s world of Rivellon with an imaginative use the self-contained sidequests with bursts of the grandiose range of the key plot. Because that instance, in plot 2, sidequests eventually allude players in the direction of the Blackpits mines in the Reaper"s Coast.

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What very first seemed like a Magister mining procedure blew approximately be the excavation of an old Temple. Football player who get to the center of the underground alien facility will encounter the Eternal Aetera, a being that appears to be simply as old together the gods. Unfortunately, fighting the Aetera head-on seems like an impossible task in the Temple"s chop space. However, it"s perfectly feasible to dispatch the Aetera through the best approach.

10 Study Your Enemy

The Eternal Aetera Stats - Divinity initial Sin 2 Eternal Aetera Guide
After the first few encounters, the Aetera seems a little bit too OP given her collection of skills. However, players could be surprised to discover that the Aetera seems similar to many Undead once examined. In she section, she has a permanent Floating status and Immunity come Poisoned, Bleeding, Drunk, and Suffocating. Meanwhile, she has finish Resistance to toxicity (100%), major Resistance come Air (80%), and also some Resistance come Water (40%).

Players could safely usage Geomancer Skills that don"t transaction Poison, and also Pyrokinetic Skills. Likewise, it appears Warfare, Huntsman, and also Scoundrel an abilities can work listed they"re not geared in the direction of Bleeding and Suffocating. Top top the various other hand, she Eternal Stalkers are meatier in comparison however interestingly have drastically-low magical Armor.

Positioning against the Aetera - Divinity original Sin 2 Eternal Aetera Guide
regardless of the sheer wake up of this boss fight, the underground Eternal holy place seems favor a battleground the players can easily use to your advantage. Just like most battles, techniques might readjust depending on beginning positions. Thankfully, the dialogue between the Sarcophagus" opener and the Aetera gives the party time to prepare.

The Aetera spawns on the platform on height of the Sarcophagus where the temple entrance lies. Beside her are two Eternal Stalkers. Meanwhile, two much more Eternal Stalkers flank the character speaking through the Aetera. It"s an important to determine how many characters are left in the room and where they"re positioned. Always keep this in mind while analysis the various other tips.

The Eternal Aetera unleashing an strike - Divinity initial Sin 2 Eternal Aetera Guide
The Aetera might have "manageable" basic stats (e.g., Health, physical Armor, magical Armor) however hurts favor crazy with her empowered attacks. The Aetera"s abilities include summoning other Eternal Stalkers, casting Rain (Hydrosophist), and also using Source-based an abilities (e.g. Resource Vampirism and also Chain Lightning). Her Eternal Stalkers have sufficient AP to either actors Flight, a crippling Bite, or move about the field.

The Aetera and also her minions can overwhelm football player as early as the very first round. As such, players should setup their strategy to finish the fight before a second or a third turn.

The Aetera away from her minions - Divinity initial Sin 2 Eternal Aetera Guide
one of the very first things players have to think about is separating the Aetera from she Stalkers. It"s one thing to tank the Stalkers" many-AP attacks, yet it"s another thing to attend to the Aetera"s ability entirely. As such, every strategies must involve at the very least teleporting the Aetera much away from she Stalkers or at the very least toward the characters who require to attack her.

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Stalkers who obtain too close come those attack the Aetera must be taken the end of commission. Players can teleport this doggos come farther locations to force them come waste AP simply running to your favored position. Personalities can likewise act as bait to save the Stalkers busy. A well-equipped mage and AOE skills should tear v the magical Armor and also HP the the Stalkers easily.

provided the Aetera"s absence of Resistances or Immunities come Fire, players should likewise consider just bombing the area prior to attack the Aetera and her minions. Players can put a Teleporter Pyramid on the ground and have characters stockpile top top Oil Barrels to place them in the area. A great ol" Pyrokinetic ability on the barreled area have the right to deal far-reaching damage to the defenses that the Aetera.

However, regardless of the added firepower, the Aetera can put out the fire via Rain and also will most most likely use it throughout her turn. Together such, players should shot triggering the bombs through the first character that comes ~ the Aetera when the battle begins. The way, players have 4 characters" precious of actions to take her down.

Unfortunately, players who dispatch the Aetera"s doggos too quickly might notification that she deserve to just produce Eternal Stalkers ad infinitum. Granted, players have the right to use this to their benefit and farm EXP. However, this quickly becomes a battle of attrition — the Stalkers do have a ton of AP and an effective attacks.

as such, players should be wary that the methods the Aetera provides with her Stalkers. Because that instance, she regularly steals resource from them to empower her attacks.

It help to point out that the Eternal Stalkers have incredibly low Magical Armor, together there"s a method to acquire them to strike their grasp instead. Interestingly, football player can try gathering the Eternal Stalkers and also using a Love Grenade (Empty Perfume party + Pixie Dust or any kind of Honey) to Charm them for 2 turns. If players remove the Stalkers" wonder Resistance with spells from a mage, climate the doggos room as great as charmed through the grenade.

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However, it"s tricky gaining the Stalkers in one spot there is no TPK-ing the party. Players should do this when tanking the attacks of both the Stalkers and the Aetera. Ideas might incorporate teleporting them to one point out one by one or having one personality in the temple as bait to entice them right into one location.

Players could remember the they recently had actually to dodge part tripwires in the area directly prior to the Eternal Temple. Interestingly, players deserve to actually usage this area to their advantage.

as per usual, one character remains behind to trigger pre-battle dialogue. Prior to the battle, players have the right to position us close come the pillar opening ~ above the far left and activate sneak. This enables them to sneak attack the Aetera later on. Afterward, characters with Teleport and a an excellent enough variety (e.g., the far Out male Talent) can lure her out of the dialogue and also into the previous area.

This way, various other party members can emphasis on taking under the Aetera in this location. Meanwhile, among them have the right to stay behind as bait because that the Eternal Stalkers or also just take under the Aetera prior to the doggos reach them.

in ~ the finish of the day, nothing to win a good beat down. Among the many straightforward methods to face the Aetera lies in pummeling she to the ground prior to she can even react. Players must position the tank as close to the Aetera as possible in order come strike her down as shortly as their revolve arrives. They have the right to do this by placing the tank(s) next to the Aetera during pre-battle dialogue, or teleporting the Aetera next to them anytime she tries come escape.

To stop complications, it help to keep her Knocked Down with war Skills such as damaging Ram, battle Stomp, and Overpower, as well as the Earthquake (Geomancer) Skill.

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A good alternative come tanking the Aetera would certainly be Backstabbing her v stealth and also tanking native there. Essentially, one character stays behind to start the dialogue and also act together bait. Ideally, this character should have the ability to tank the Aetera and also Stalkers" strikes or at the very least run far from them with talents such as Duck Duck Goose to avoid assaults of Opportunity.

once it"s the character"s turn, the other party members deserve to sneak up on the Aetera native behind and do sneak attacks. Possibilities are, the Backstabs should be enough to whittle her Physical Armor. Afterward, the personalities should shot to save her Knocked down to prevent harsh counter-attacks.

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