We all love remote starters. Top top a cold winter day, stepping exterior to a totally defrosted and warm vehicle feels prefer magic. Several pieces of hardware do this magic possible. As well as the control module itself, the most essential piece of hardware is the Bypass Module. 

What is a Bypass Module?

A bypass module is a piece of hardware that allows the remote starter to mimic your vehicle’s key. This means, you have the right to remote begin your automobile without disabling any of your vehicle’s features.

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A Brief history of Remote begin & Immobilizers


A bypass module is what provides modern remote start possible. Friend see, since the year 2000, countless vehicles to be equipped through immobilizers. This maker does wonders for automobile security and theft prevention. However, they do the roles of remote start installers and also manufacturers much more complex.

In short, the immobilizer prevents the engine from beginning without a key; make the car less fragile to theft. In most cases, an immobilizer consists of 2 devices: a receiver mounted in the vehicle and a transponder chip in the automobile key. The transponder chip emits a distinctive signal that it sends out to the antenna i beg your pardon is interacted to the vehicle’s computer. If the computer system recognizes the signal, climate it allows the auto to start and also continue running.

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A Bypass Module Mimics the Vehicle’s Key


When immobilizers to be introduced, aftermarket remote starters had to be set up alongside one of your expensive automobile keys, or the factory security functions had to be disabled entirely. Then come the bypass module to bring earlier the magic the keyless entry and also remote start. 

Remember the distinct signal emitted through the transponder chip we stated earlier? Well, as soon as the dealer installs her remote car starter, they program the bypass module with your vehicle’s key. This way, the bypass module will emit the same distinctive signal as the transponder chip in your vehicle key. 

One of the most impressive facets of the bypass module is that it enables you come maintain every one of the original manufacturing facility security attributes of her vehicle. Because the machine emits the transponder’s signal, yes sir no should disconnect any type of of the factory anti-theft features to make the remote starter work.

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So friend see, the bypass module acts together the center man in between your remote start and the vehicle’s computer. This simple, yet powerful piece of hardware provides seamless remote start possible on modern cars, there is no sacrificing the manufacturing facility security of her vehicle. 

What Hardware walk stillproud.org Use?


stillproud.org far starters are compatible through bypass modules make by iDatalink, like the ADS ALCA and also the tongue AL (pictured above). We’ve maintained a nearby partnership through iDatalink for numerous years, and also continue to count on their advanced hardware to make our far starters much better than ever!

The form of bypass module set up with your system depends ~ above a pair of factors: your auto make, model, the type of system, and also your installer. Before having your device installed, ask her Authorized stillproud.org Dealer about the kind of hardware they setup to usage to find out more.

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Do I need a Bypass Module?

If your auto was made after the year 2000 and also your crucial has a transponder, climate YES you do require a bypass module because that remote start. If you’re not sure if your car falls right into this classification (and it likely does) don’s worry, your installer will have the ability to advise you.

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Bypass modules room truly fascinating pieces of hardware the make contemporary remote starters possible! If you’re in search of the finest remote starter in the industry, look at no additional than stillproud.org. Our award-winning systems are reliable and powerful.

Talk v your local Authorized stillproud.org Dealer today to find the mechanism that’s ideal for you!