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Title claims it all. I"m thinking most likely that I most likely don"t I have played borderlands up until I was around level 15 What I"m hope is borderlands 2 is better gameplay v a story not regarded the first. If responses are good, I will buy tomorrow.

Borderlands has actually a bad, hazy story that isn"t even worth analysis a summary of. The just bonus you"d gain for play 1 before 2 is the truth that the sequel provides the story that 1 much much better by including layers to it. 2 surprisingly has a pretty good narrative, and the just real differences in between the 2 is the presentation. There are tiny gameplay tweaks here and also there, yet nothing entirely game-changing.
You"ll obtain some minor loot in Borderlands 2 if you have actually a Borderlands save yet you don"t must play the first one to understand anything in the second.The story isn"t fully unrelated though.

Don"t also try. You"ll burn yourself the end on the gameplay. BL1 is a an excellent game, however BL2 is a much much better game.
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I never also touched Borderlands 1 and also I"m having actually a blast top top borderlands 2 at lvl 14. I am playing a couple of other classes, too. Friend don"t should play Borderlands 1 to enjoy Borderlands 2. Ns haven"t play Borderlands 1 but I don"t think the stories connect together indigenous what I"ve read around Borderlands 1. It"s every good
Ok guys, give thanks to you all. Every the answers i was hope for. Ns am downloading and install it now

I have actually a fast question, how much expedition is over there (if any) in the game? I never ever played the games, and also I"m not looking for a mindless non avoid shooter.
I have a quick question, how much expedition is over there (if any) in the game? I never played the games, and also I"m not looking for a mindless non prevent shooter.
Dude there"s plenty of expedition . They room both truly amazing gamings . Think the Borderlands as Fallout/Skyrim on crack, meth, ecstasy, and also LSD hahah ! It"s that crazy and also fun .

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There"s expedition to a details extent, yet you can"t really acquire anything done without being given a quest first. It"s not really like Skyrim and Fallout where exploring can discover brand-new quests, over there is a little of that yet mostly you"re told wherein to go by the main NPCs in town and also stuff. You can check out to discover monsters to kill for fun, and treasure come find, stuff prefer that.