So we all recognize that Sasuke walk not have an arm. And also after his fight, Sakura to be saying something about making an eight out the Hashirama"s cells. Point is—Sasuke has the Rinnegan, and also knows just how to use it. So, he have the right to use the Asura Path an approach to obtain a new arm. So what was the need for an eight made that Hashirama"s cell anyway? Why go they make one for Sasuke if he can get a brand-new arm himself? and also why is Sasuke lacking an eight in the first place? He should have had his own brand-new arm through now.

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I think it"s because sasuke shed a lot of his strength after that sealed kaguya. (Naruto also list his SOSP (sage of 6 paths) more).Sasuke only had his rinnegan, advertisement so, ns don"t think he have the right to restore his arm making use of asura course technique


When Naruto and Sasuke fight after they defeat Kaguya, they finish up both shedding an arm. Tsunade implants a particular cell inside Naruto"s missing arm"s side to allow it grow back. But Sasuke does not want his arm to it is in recovered since he wants to punish (-ish) himself for all the injury he had actually caused.

Since, together EIPsyKongroo said, he just received the Magatama Rinnegan when he acquired the Sage the Six path chakra, and I don"t think it has actually the capacity to recover any kind of lost/damaged cells.

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Sasuke is the Uchiha blood heat , if that implants hashirama"s cell in his arm, he will activate a rennaigan in the ideal eye. He doesn"t trust himself yet. Therefore he doesn"t connect a new arm like Naruto.


As Troll dé Mage said

Maybe he wants to punish himself for all the injury he had caused ORHe think that having Hashirama chakra in him would certainly make him also OP and he is afraid that he might turn ~ above the wrong side.
Sasuke thinks he"s cooler with one arm or this is his method of atonement or his trying come be an ext emo or possibly he think he doesnt require it yet

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Why walk Naruto decide not to usage the Rasenshuriken because of the damage it did to his arm, if he might create it with clones?
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