When you space the quarterback that the Dallas Cowboys, over there will always be large expectations. Since becoming the Cowboys" play caller in 2006, Tony Romo has had actually the weight of success relaxing on his shoulders every 2nd that he has worn that big blue star.

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In five seasons, Romo has actually yet to be able to provide a Super bowl title come the Cowboys" organization and fans. Not just that, the hasn"t even taken them come the big dance yet. The Cowboys are still in it this season, so there is a chance that 2011 can ultimately be the year Jerry Jones gets an additional ring. Whether it is this season or one under the line, the concern is: have the right to Romo deliver it come him?

Here are the factors why Romo will—and will not—win a Super bowl ring in his career.

Jerry Jones loves to win. He will certainly do everything he can to execute so, and also he has actually proven for this reason in the past. Whether the moves have benefited or pains the organization, he has actually never to be the kind of male to sit ago and see how things beat out. If he requirements something, he gets it.

When the Cowboys were in need of a huge play-making vast receiver, Jones go out and brought in Terrell Owens. As soon as Owens began to fail, the made a large splash to obtain then Detroit Lions" star wideout Roy Williams.

He has additionally surrounded Tony Romo v a plethora the talented running backs, and also now a talented vast receiver corps led by mile Austin and Dez Bryant.

If the Cowboys when again fail come capitalize this season, Jones likely will no hesitate to carry in more pieces to match his starting quarterback (if the decides to store him around that is).

Tony Romo isn"t exactly old, yet his time is running up. In ~ 31 years old, it is becoming more essential come the Cowboys that Romo plays at his highest and also best level now. Not too countless quarterbacks have won the Super bowl over the age of 31, and those who have are thought about the cream that the crop.

Since Romo didn"t begin playing in the NFL until he to be 25 year old, he perhaps has a little much more longevity in the than numerous elite quarterbacks who begin to take the snaps right out that college.

With age, Romo will certainly likely come to be wiser, however for the Cowboys" sake, he must likewise continue to gain better.

If the 2011 NFL season stop true for periods to come, the NFC East shows up to be a department that will be winnable for years to come. Currently, the brand-new York Giants space sitting in ~ 6-2, when the rest of the department are at .500 or lower. The Dallas Cowboys are second to the Giants, through a 4-4 record, when the preseason"s heavily-favored Philadelphia Eagles sit at 3-5.

With no team having significant success, this division could be up because that grabs because that years. If the Cowboys were not lacking Miles Austin for lot of this season, who knows where they would be together of currently in the in win-loss column.

If this department stays the same, it will be an easy division to win and an automatic postseason bid up for grabs for periods to come.

In Tony Romo"s 5 seasons of being the Dallas Cowboys" beginning quarterback (not consisting of 2011), he has actually only regulated to success over 10 gamings twice. His overall record together a starter because that those 5 seasons is 39-22, i beg your pardon is a great overall record.

The thing is, he hasn"t been able to compile sufficient wins during each season in stimulate to obtain the Cowboys into the playoffs repetitively or with home field advantage.

The two seasons where Romo shined remained in his second and 4th year. In 2007, he take it the Cowboys to a 13-3 mark. In 2008, Romo acquired the Cowboys come 11-5, but besides these two periods nothing has been over 10 wins.

At 4-4 this season, Romo has actually a opportunity to take the Cowboys come at the very least 10-6, possibly better. If he can do so, he could get himself and also the Cowboys earlier on a win track. As background stands, Romo has yet to prove the he deserve to take this team into contention on a regular basis.

In five seasons, Tony Romo has been elected to the NFC pro Bowl squad 3 times. Given that he missed far-reaching time in 2010, that pretty much makes him 3 for four. 

Many wouldn"t doubt the Romo own a huge arsenal of skills, however he is walk to require to have the ability to continue to use those skills effectively. Countless times, Romo shines and he looks like one of the best quarterbacks in the game, however other times he appears to lose his composure and also many inquiry why that is a starting quarterback.

Romo has actually proven time and time again the he could be great, and also he requirements to proceed to execute so and also go beyond in stimulate to get that ring.

If there is one point that hold true to Tony Romo, that is that he is exceptionally fragile. In 3 of his last 4 seasons, Romo has actually been sidelined through injury.

In 2008, Romo was injured against the Washington Redskins and also was compelled to miss three games after gaining the Dallas Cowboys off to a 3-1 start. The season, Romo finished the season in ~ 8-5 together a starter if the team go 9-7. Possibly with him under center, the Cowboys can have had actually a better record going into the playoffs.

In 2010, Romo was once again injured, this time in mainly 6 versus the brand-new York Giants. In the game, Romo broke his clavicle, and was compelled to sit the end the rest of the season. Before getting hurt, the Cowboys to be sitting in ~ 1-4 behind Romo.

In 2011, return he has actually not missed anytime, Romo has been playing injured transparent the season through a broken rib. Romo deserves kudos for playing under this injury, however his history has proven that he is fragile and could perhaps go under for the season at any kind of moment.

While Tony Romo has missed a many time over his career, in ~ this point in time that ranked No. 4 for the All-Time career Passer Rating v a 95.1 on the rating scale.

Considering the size of Romo"s career, that still have the right to move up and down on this list a lot over the remainder of his career. Reality of the issue is, this is wherein he was standing in around six seasons of the NFL, for this reason it can not be discounted wherein he was standing in history.

The passer rating only tells for this reason much around a player, and also it solely based ~ above statistics, yet in finish that is one point that civilization will look back at.

Tony Romo has one major flaw, and also that would certainly be his major struggles within highly pressured situations. Return Romo has taken the Cowboys come the playoffs in 3 of the four years he has actually started, it tends to be him that takes castle out together well.

Most recently, Romo has actually thrown away 2 interceptions ~ above comeback drives in the fourth quarter this season. He had actually the Dallas Cowboys within variety twice come win, but instead the failed to carry out so and also turned the ball over. If that would have been able come come v on those drives, the Cowboys perhaps can be sit at 6-2 best now and also possibly be in the lead for the NFC East.

His background stands behind this as well. Most known would it is in Romo"s botched holding of the sphere for a field goal in the 2006 NFC Wild map game against the Seattle Seahawks as soon as they were down 21-20 with about a minute left ~ above the clock. 


Another case was in 2007, once the Cowboys were play in the divisional round against NFC eastern foes the new York Giants. Down by only 4 points, Romo threw an end zone interception that finished the Cowboys" really hopes of winning the game.

In 2008, the Cowboys were playing the Philadelphia Eagles feather to success to gain the last spot in the playoffs. The Cowboys lost that game 44-6 which contained three Romo turnovers. The performance as soon as again echoed that of Romo"s previous two many pressured performances.

The last large game the Romo managed to lose was in 2009 versus the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional ring of the NFL playoffs. In that game, the Cowboys lost 34-3. Romo committed 3 turnovers that game as well, two of which were fumbles and also the other was an interception.

If the past has proven anything, one would have to question exactly how Romo would even handle himself in a case such as the super Bowl.

After observing the job thus far of Tony Romo we have learned a few things:

1. He has actually the ideal man behind him in bespeak to develop a contender.

2. His period is capturing up ~ above him, and Father Time will only wait so much longer.

3. With the sloppy play of the Eagles and Giants, the NFC East could be an automatic playoff berth because that years come come.

4. Romo has much to prove, as he has actually only bring away the Cowboys to 2 10-plus success seasons.

5. The guy deserve to play, being in the Pro-Bowl already three times in just 4 full seasons.

6. His longevity is in question, together he often finds himself injured.

7. He has the background to earlier that he deserve to be a regular quarterback, with a job 95.1 passer rating.

8. He needs to number himself out in push situations, otherwise the turnovers will certainly never obtain him anywhere near a Super bowl ring.

So what can we conclude...

With whatever taken into consideration, that is too tough to believe that Tony Romo will ever win a supervisor Bowl. While he is extremely talented and is maybe in a great position with the Dallas Cowboys and also Jerry Jones, the truth that that is just incapable of dealing with the pressure of so late and big situations room just method too detrimental top top his future success.

Romo might get previous this obstacle of his career. In ~ this point in time, the is tough to imagine him yes, really doing lot at this rate considering what that has shown in the past. Possibly 2011 will garner different results, but as of now Romo"s career spells no rings.

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