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"Achy Breaky Heart" is a track written in 1990 by Don Von Tress. Originally published in a record by The Marcy brothers under the location "Don"t Tell my Heart" in 1991, that was later recorded through Billy beam Cyrus and also released top top his debut album Some gave All in 1992. The song is Cyrus" debut solitary and signature song. It ended up being the first single ever to attain triple Platinum standing in Australia and likewise 1992"s best-selling single in the exact same country. In the unified States, it ended up being a crossover fight on pop and also country radio, peaking at number four on the Billboard warm 100 and also topping the Hot country Songs chart, becoming the an initial country single to be certified Platinum because "Islands in the Stream" through Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton in 1983. The single topped in number of countries, and after being featured on top of the mr in the unified Kingdom, peaked in ~ number 3 on the UK Singles Chart. It was Cyrus" biggest hit single in the U. S. Until he to be featured ~ above "Old town Road" by Lil Nas X, which peaked in ~ number one ~ above the Billboard hot 100 in 2019. The music video for the song led to the to explode of the line dance right into the mainstream, coming to be a worldwide craze. The tune is considered by some as one of the worst song of every time, special at number two in VH1 and Blender"s perform of the "50 many Awesomely negative Songs Ever." However, the is known as component of a transitional period in nation music whereby Cyrus carried renewed attention to a dying breed of music among younger listeners.more »

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You deserve to tell the world you never ever was mine girlYou deserve to burn my clothing up when I"m goneOr you deserve to tell her friends simply what a fool I"ve beenAnd laugh and also joke around me top top the phoneYou can tell my eight go back into the farmOr you can tell mine feet come hit the floorOr you have the right to tell mine lips come tell my fingertipsThey won"t be reaching out for you no moreBut don"t tell my heartMy achy breaky heartI simply don"t think he"d understandAnd if friend tell my heartMy achy breaky heartHe can blow up and also kill this manOohYou have the right to tell your ma I moved to ArkansasOr you can tell your dog to bite mine legOr tell her brother Cliff whose fist deserve to tell mine lipHe never ever really favored me anywayOr tell her Aunt Louise, tell anything friend pleaseMyself already knows I"m not okayOr you can tell my eye to watch out for mine mindIt can be walking out on me todayBut don"t tell mine heartMy achy breaky heartI simply don"t think he"d understandAnd if you tell mine heartMy achy breaky heartHe could blow up and also kill this manOohDon"t tell my heartMy achy breaky heartI just don"t think he"d understandAnd if girlfriend tell my heartMy achy breaky heartHe might blow up and kill this manDon"t tell my heartMy achy breaky heartI just don"t think he"d understandAnd if girlfriend tell mine heartMy achy breaky heartHe might blow up and also kill this manOoh ooh

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Billy beam Cyrus wilhelm "Billy" beam Cyrus (born respectable 25, 1961) is one American country music singer, songwriter, actor and also philanthropist, who has achieved good success worldwide. Having released twelve studio albums and forty-four singles due to the fact that 1992, he is ideal known for his Number One solitary "Achy Breaky Heart", which came to be the an initial single ever before to accomplish triple Platinum standing in Australia. The was also the best-selling single in the same nation in 1992 and also was analyzed into much more than 100 languages. Many thanks to the video of this hit, the linedance catapulted right into the mainstream, becoming a an international craze.

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Cyrus, a multi-platinum offering recording artist, has scored a full of eight top-ten singles ~ above the Billboard country Songs chart. His many successful album to dat… an ext »